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  1. Ok, yeah, the facial animations are not the best, especially not, if you use any other language than english. So, switch to english, and it is acceptable at least. Not next-gen, but still good for previous-gen standards. I really don't know what you mean about character movement animations. Especially flying looks and feels awesome. And just regular running etc. works quite well. Not AssCreed-well, but well enough. Also, I would argue that gameplay is pretty solid, so it doesn't really stand out in a bad way, as you put it. As far as the writing is concerned, I guess this is a v
  2. I just wanted to chime in again and say that Control is way more than just a system seller. I finished the game now and the finale was just utterly brilliant as far as the story arc and the level design is concerned. The gameplay is fun and evolves over the course of the game. The sound got quite some punch (use headphones on high volume!), which pairs just perfectly with those stunning raytraced graphics and all that debris and weird visual effects flying around. The only negative point I have on this game are the incredibly bad DLCs, which are really not much more than fetch quests and som
  3. STiFU

    Free games

    Ok, that's actually the first time I hear something negative about it. Many of my friends said it was awesome. I don't know though whether they finished it or not. Still, for free, one could have a look, right?
  4. STiFU

    Free games

    Uhh, finally a game on Epic I don't own yet and had long on my wishlist: Darkest Dungeon!
  5. STiFU

    Free games

    Today, Inside is free on Epic. It's really good: A rather small game for a long sunday afternoon with a nice grotesque and dark atmosphere! It's a ton better than Limbo, the previous game by those devs.
  6. Last I heard, they had a working very small prototype. I now started digging for that company again and found it: SeeReal. To my surprise, the website is up again and they have recent entries on it, so it seems like, they didn't go bankrupt afterall! https://www.seereal.com/technology/ They even seem to have entered a partnership with Volkswagen. This is very exciting news!! They gave a talk about their holographic headmounted display at the 2018 SPIE Photonics Europe. I'll try and see if I can find that talk somehwere to see whether they made any progress.
  7. Here is the same video, but for Cyberpunk. As you can already tell by the thumbnail of that video: Raytracing is not only about having proper reflections. Seeing these side-by-side comparisons, I really cannot imagine going back to playing without raytracing in either CP or Control.
  8. I left academia three years ago and started working in the industry, so I might've missed some of the most recent developments (especially related to VR as I absolutely cannot stomach it), but I will gladly listen to that talk. So, the concepts shown up until minute 50:00 all pretty much existed for quite some time. However, it was nice to see some working prototypes of them, especially the liquid crystal varifocal lens (dynamically adjustable focal length without using moving parts). Afterwards, the focal surface was introduced, which was totally new to me and looks really exciting to be
  9. You can wait a long time for that. I've written a whole PhD-thesis on this matter! There were some ideas to use lenses with adjustable focus-length, but that approach is rather impractical. There were some advances in real-time holographic displays by a research facility in Dresden, but that company eventually lost its funding, which is a huge bummer, because on the one hand, their approach was really promising, and on the other, holography is the only way the accomodation-vergence-conflict can truly be solved. I did not hear of any other instances to further research realtime holography aft
  10. I mean, they got Witcher 3 on the Switch, which seemed like a near impossible task, but they pulled it off. So they should be very capable to get CP to run and look properly on the PS4. Although, I am sure it won't look as good as God of War or TLOU2 in the end.
  11. Not all graphical features have to translate into gameplay! It's fine if some just look good!! That being said, I can imagine it being utilized for physics based puzzle games or a platformer in the style of Shadow Puppeteer, just with mirrors instead of shadows. Anyway, regarding Control, the game offers tons of time to admire the views: In between fight scenes, you spent a lot of time navigating and looting. Aside from reflections, the lighting and shadowing is also improved, but the improvement here are just nuances that are hard to detect without being able to toggle the feature on a
  12. Yeah, I was going to wait a little longer myself, but I got this new graphics card recently, so obviously I wanted to go try it out in Cyberpunk! Anyway, considering the Raytracing performance in Cyberpunk is not very good with my 3060 Ti, I started checking out a few other games with raytracing, namely Ghostrunner and Control. Ghostrunner: The Raytracing performance is also really bad and aside from some off-screen reflections, I really didn't see a notable gain from Raytracing, so I disabled it again. As a game, Ghostrunner is really fun, 'though. Definitely recommended!
  13. I also recently played it and I actually kinda liked it. The visuals were incredible in some scenes and well, the action is just over the top. The finales of each of the four Acts were 100% epic! But other than that, the gameplay really did not carry too much. It's basically like Resident Evil 6. Gameplay is kind of stupid, but the action is stupidly over the top, which one can enjoy... or not!
  14. I wholeheartedly trust in CDPR that they will fix all issues and turn this game into the brilliant game it is supposed to be. So I won't get a refund for it and I would ask anyone to show some support and just believe in them! The game just shouldn't have been released this early, that's all.
  15. Most crash dumps say something about gpu crash related to dx12. Not sure if that mod would help with that. Error reason: Assert Expression: <Unknown> Message: Gpu Crash for unknown reasons! Callstack here is probably irrelevant. Check if Breadcrumbs or Aftermath logged anything useful. File: e:\r6.patch0hotfix2\dev\src\common\gpuapi\src\dx12\gpuapidx12error.cpp(40) Then there are also some dumps with Access Violations and null-pointer exceptions even. I think I'll just wait, no big deal. I was just curious to look at the game with the new GPU. I've seen it now, looks amazing
  16. Game's crashing on me every 5 minutes at the moment, including the occasional bluescreen. I am on a 3060 Ti, which might just be too new, I recon! It was released on december 3rd, so the drivers might not yet be the best. I am going to give the game another shot next year. In its current state, it is really not enjoyable. I already started to enjoy it quite a bit, 'though!! So I am a bit bummed out about not being able to continue the game. I am also quite curious how flexible the storyline actually is.
  17. STiFU

    Free games

    Cities Skylines is free on Epic today. It's the best city-building game since Sim City 2000!
  18. STiFU

    Free games

    FYI: Ubisoft is giving away something each day, too. Today is Starlink, which I got for the Switch. It get repetitive after 20 hours or so, but until then, it is quite fun. https://www.indiegamebundles.com/ubisofts-happy-holidays-2020-free-games-and-content/
  19. STiFU

    Free games

    They did that last year too, giving away a game each day. Those titles look awfully recent, though'. So, not sure if that list is legit. In the Epic Launcher, the games are not yet revealed.
  20. Consider changing this to an opt-out rather than opt-in? It should be deleted by default to avoid support problems.
  21. As a first step, though', we should try to achieve feature parity between the material-hack and the new GLSL implementation, so we can finally get rid of that hack. That means 1) to create the same look as the one created by material defs and 2) make sure all attachments (hinges in screenshot) are also highlighted. @duzenko, did you maybe just forget about the attachments? I would love to see a cvar for choosing from multiple frob highlights as there are some thief fans that don't like fancy frob highlights, so I would like to retain an option for them to keep the original frob highlight.
  22. Yes, that too, of course. I already outlied above how the current frob highlight is problematic.
  23. That would be the ultimate goal, yes! https://bugs.thedarkmod.com/view.php?id=5428
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