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  1. "Damage needs to be calculated from the impulse, not from a fixed set of "damage" values." Yeah, this I think would be crucial (if it is yet to be implemented). Testing physics in the game is hard because the results dont seem very consistent. Dropping heavy objects on AI seems to work well most of the time. The biggest issue seems to be the transfer of force between one entity and another. If you frob a medium sized object and you force it against another medium sized object, it will push it ok on the path you direct it (idtech4 physics is a bit quirky and not the prettiest to look at, but ok) - if however the object you are pushing meets another resting object on its way, it will almost always stop cold, even if the other object is very small and seems like it shouldnt pose an obstacle to the forces involved. Sometimes the pushing will eventually resume if you keep insistin, and everything will be pushed foward, sometimes they will get stuck for good and only changing direction will further displace them. Throwing an object against hard surfaces do not seem to damage it. But hitting it with other objects does. If you have several objects stacked or next to each other, even if their mass is light, applying force to the botton one will often result in nothing, specially if there are a good number of them in the group.
  2. The thing you might want to consider is to give your lights a wider range. The darkness on the interiors looks almost oily, the flames can barely penetrate it. Some of the maps here do suffer from this "spotlight" heavy illumination setup. If you light up a torch inside a room, the whole place is gonna get lit up, even if its more subtle than the powerful electric lights we are used to. So I would experiment with bigger radius for the lights. It also increases the challege, as poorly lit places makes it a breeze for players to cross, and isnt very challenging.
  3. Hmmm, thats a shame, Im working on a coulple of terrain models that have vertex blending... Will be looking foward to the fix.
  4. Downloading now, thanks a lot.
  5. I dont know what the svn trunk is, but it should work if you put the pk4 in your fms folder and "install" it... Im not sure what else to do. You could also place the bottles pk4 inside your base project folder ( https://1drv.ms/u/s!AtiNx4pGNqbmb-SbSEurYpQmLRs) ,but you would have to do inside DarkRadiant and place the entities in your test map as well.
  6. Loving that skybox and the way it works with the fog, quite an achievement. That first shot in particular is very impressive. Great use of lighting and architecture.
  7. Heres another map. Ive placed several of the breakable bottle entities Ive been working on, as well as the independent pieces scattered around the floor, plus a few moveables you can use to interact with them. https://1drv.ms/u/s!AtiNx4pGNqbmcBXMyNCu2M12MmM Just install the mission as you would normally. A simple way to observe the issue is to shoot a fire arrow against the opposite wall you are facing on map start. There are bottlles and pieces next to it. The pieces will be blown away as expected, but the bottles will not move at all. They should be broken now so if you fire a second fire arrow, they should (mostly) fall apart as well. It might take a third hit to do it. The main issue seems to be that force is not transfered between the original moveable and the flinder moveables that are spawned once it is hit. Also, it seems force transfer between moveables in inconsistent - theres a pile of breakable bottles on floor to the right, and they will fall apart and crumble on top of each other only after theyve been all damaged and broken as you would expect, but the force that broke all of them (the explosion) does not push them against each other upon impact. They just "break" in place and then fall down vertically due to gravity. The same can be said of a single bottle. Once broken (Im guessing the flinders are still in "rest" state), its possible to see further explosions taking away a few pieces of the group but leaving others in place, as it appears pieces can "shield" others from the impact altogether.
  8. Thats awesome, duzenko. The breakable-bottle moveable entities also use the barrel class. I will setup a simple map when I get back home, if you get a chance to take a look at that.
  9. Love the fact that its hand drawn, the result is very good, very nice to look at. I love the light bulb one, the intricate leaves deisgn. I think people would be more than happy to use these as they are... The one thing I would say is that perhaps you could replace the cog and the lightining bolts for hand drawn versions, as right now theres something not right about them since they are "vector-like" symbols. If you change that, its pretty much good to go IMO. Great work.
  10. Can I still post about my own experiments here as well? I was able to successfully create a fractured bottle. I ported a simple model, created a fractured version comprised of 5 pieces, both sharing the same uvs. Since all the pieces are sharing the same origin point with the original model, the flinders function swaps the normal bottle for the broken bottle on the exact same coordinates, which is what I wanted. Check it out here: https://1drv.ms/u/s!AtiNx4pGNqbmb-SbSEurYpQmLRs Put it into your map and hit it a couple of times. The only, major problem is that theres no "falling apart" moment at the breaking point. When the health of the bottle reachs zero, the physics doest act on it, it simply cracks, but remains frozen in place. Not even a fire arrow can displace it. Once cracked, the broken bottle will behave normally (meaning, its standing there all cracked, and if you hit again the pieces will all fly off). I wonder what could be causing it, maybe its something to do with the way physics work in game. Maybe we need to artificially script a push force to get the pieces moving once the objects health reaches zero - following the main vector - just like the arrow pieces. Or maybe I did something wrong with my collision models, and the pieces are getting stuck somehow? PS: Two other things to note: - Throwing the bottle against the walls and floors do not damage it. Nor jumping on top of it. Or throwing objects at it. It should break from anything more than a gentle tap on a hard surface. - The fire arrow explosion does not cast light. The fire ball should illuminate a fair area. Now that I think of it, the fire arrow itself could cast a small light, like a very small candle. You should probably be able to see it casting this light as it flies.
  11. Hey guys, really cool research there, this is pretty exciting. The best case scenario I think would be to have a complete replica of the bottle model, but broken up into several small pieces, that would replace the original one on impact, each shard then carrying its velocity and vector, etc., just like you guys are discussing. Im gonna provide us with one (bottle model), maybe we can use it for further tests. PS: What would be the best way of doing it? Each shard is a different model/entity but they all share the same origin?
  12. Ive been thinking of ways of making things more interactive in tdm (using physics) ever since I saw Arcturus' videos on breakable geometry. I miss this a lot in this game, its a pitty how static it feels most of the time. But I cant really think of ways of doing it naturally, other than in scripted scenes. His own experiments were with baked physics, which is a rigid animation that wouldnt take account of the direction of the force, or the geometry around the fallen pieces. A simple example I wanted to try was to create breakable bottles. They do break right now but not realistically, its just a new "broken" model that gets swapped with the original one, no glass pieces and also, no liquid. I thought it would be interesting to be able to throw a bottle against the wall and have the wine fall on a flame, putting it out, like an improvised water arrow of sorts. For an emergency situation, not for general use, but for added realism. We would need a breakable bottle, glass shards and liquid particles that work with the physics of the throw. Would also be nice to actually drop the wine from the bottle by frobbing it upside down and letting the liquid fall, again, for the same effect. Breakable doors and furniture is also very interesting for gameplay of course, specially in horror settings against some real monsters, poltergeist effects and the like (we actually do have it from doom3, a phantom entity that works great, Ive seen it in videos). Im really curious about the set influence thing, been trying to find info about it. Anything that allows the mapper to affect the player view for storytelling purposes. Its a shame theres so little stuff on this.
  13. Exact same feelings. Sorry to hear about your struggle, glad you have overcome it. This just goes to show that people are suffering all around us and we dont really know about it, so lets all just take it easy and give lavander (in this case) a break. We are here for some fun time, not flame wars.
  14. Perhaps just an unbalanced person, going through some stuff? I have never seen this (sort of reaction) before...
  15. Very cool! This design is obviously advanced technology as a microscope should be but also has the right archaic feel to it that should make this fit in nicely into the setting.
  16. Good to know you have a feasible workaround designed! This reminds me I should give Rsouls script a go.
  17. Perhaps a way of solving it while blender doesnt fix the limit would be to have a separate field inside the exporter menu where you can tell it that X material means X's actual name in the game, so that the exporter will automatically substitute the X name for the actual in game name you defined when you export. Something like this: Material name in blender - 'rock' In the exporter you set - 'rock' equals 'base/models/darkmod/etc/etc/etc/etc/rock' You would only do this for names that are above the limit, if nothing is set in the exporter, it would simply use the blender material name as normal.
  18. Weird, I get perfect results using the scripts (dont remember if I actually tried the lwo yet, but the ase works for sure). Aside from setting the shading to smooth, make sure you clear any sharp edges, that you set to auto smooth with a good angle and that you click on Clear Custom Split Normals Data under Geometry Data, that usually needs to be done with imported meshes.
  19. Wish I could help here my friend, but Im pretty ignorant about the issue. I remember I found this read to be interesting, but its probably old news to you anyway - https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=http://fabiensanglard.net/doom3_documentation/DOOM-3-BFG-Technical-Note.pdf&ved=2ahUKEwjf1O_UmergAhXbHbkGHZsNBX04ChAWMAR6BAgCEAE&usg=AOvVaw0X7cH7bMI1n9eeqjgR9NaP I do like the sound of all the features you suggested, though I wonder if skipping lights and shadows might result in a 'popping' effect once they come into existance inside the players pov? But maybe they wouldnt in your implementation. I would love a sort of true lod mechanics that reduces tris for any geometry, not only selected entities that you have to setup in advance. But I might be dreaming here, no idea if its feasible. Another thing that could be interesting to consider is the AI thinking, the pipeline there, that can have quite an impact on the maps performance...
  20. Thanks boys. Its just a concept idea I had, I tried using the mirror material on a sphere model, but it just flattens it into a mirror circle, theres no 3D effect at all. I havent tried cube mapping, though. I wanted the reflecting sphere to be a part of a cinematic sequence. As for the lit shader, thanks vanished, was able to find one and make it work. Ps: by the way, the picture I posted is from a cool game engine called Armory 3D, its being developed with blender in mind. The reflections are implemented in it, if you wanna take a look (not sure if its already available in a public release).
  21. Hmmm, sorry ERH, maybe I missed something, but did you end up checking Mother Rose? Your problems sound like what was implemented in that mission... Anyway, anybody knows how to have a glowing material with both opaque and lit areas in the texture? Cant really remember of an example to look for... Also, is this possible?
  22. Thats great to hear! Anything that goes in the direction of better performance and efficiency is really welcomed,as the game remains notoriously heavy. Visually, at least for me, the frobbing mechanics have always felt like it works (the highlighting, etc) but nothing really unique, so theres room for improvement or change without much of a risk in terms of loss of identity or something. Im not sure you meant if this is an opportunity of also revising it in visual terms (as well as the egineering), but if so, Im sure there are more people who have played newer games and can come up with examples of cool options for the highlighting shader that would fit tdm. PS: Did you have a visual concept in mind? Or you fell it should remain mostly the same?
  23. Very cool, specially useful seeing this applied to such an organic and irregular terrain, which is always hard to wrap your head around when you are getting started and is just getting used to working with orthogonal geometry. Awesome work, it would be great to have this in the Wiki.
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