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  1. There are no rope arrows. Everything vertical is reachable through mantling via the environment. I am glad you liked it. =)
  2. I am 3 months late, but better late than never I guess. Thank you for your Feedback. Regarding the one house you are somehow right I guess, but those 2 houses are very prominently featured (especially on the map), so I thought/hoped it is clear that the player should/could try to explore them. Regarding:
  3. Yes, We know that. For everyone else it is just an unproven claim on the Wikipage page about Stealth-Gaming because non of the sources have been added. And therefore gets deleted. Thats why he demanded a source. Now a source is there and it stays. No big deal in fact.
  4. Well you need to provide a source too; "everybody knows it" is not really sufficent. The same is btw with TDM in the WP article. Of course it gets deleted if there is no proof for its notability in general article. How are they supposed to know. That guy is not an asshole or troll for demanding a simple reference that TDM is notable enough to warrant its name alongside Thief, Metal Gear Solid or Assassin's Creed. There is no need for calling names... Not everybody has heard of TDM and then for outsiders it just looks if someone wants to promote his pet project.
  5. This mission is very good. But you probably know that. ;P However
  6. So I am making stuff (e.g. a model with blending textures or whatever) in DR, export it as ASE and then reimport it into my DR-map? Why cant I do this in my map directly in the first place? ;P
  7. Yes I know, but for what purpose should I use it? I am not very experienced with such things. o:
  8. Thanks. Well, I am not experienced with other editors, so I will do everything in DR. But there is already uneven ground with patches and I guess I will also add more details later. ~
  9. Yeah, play Rightful Property, there are absolutly no spiders in there, I promise! <just joking, there is a spider in there >
  10. I think some kind of tagging oder categorization for the missions would be inded a good idea. Right now a new player gets a big list of 50 missions slapped into his face and there is absolutly no way to find the missions he prefers, except to play them all...
  11. Yeah, please write another screenlong text where you apologize for your first screenlong post. ;P
  12. Cause it sucks. I am also someone who dont likes to redo things I have already achieved. In SP Games I save usually often and if I fail (like failing a difficult jump or so) I load. In Thief its a bit different, I dont load always when getting seen by a guard, I try to deal with the situation to a certain degree, but if things get really out of bounds (tons of AI following while i retreat through half of the level / had to kill tons of AI to clear the situation / perhaps even with breaking up scripted content), then I load. If its a tricky situation which allows no failure (getting past an important guard before a bank vault or so unseen) then I load too. I think this is not because of high difficulty or so, its just that when u have achieved something which was very difficult, like getting loot from a difficult position or so, u just dont want to do it again, as u have rightfully already done it.
  13. Darkmod Wiki has them all, including this mission. http://wiki.thedarkmod.com/index.php?title=Fan_Missions_for_The_Dark_Mod
  14. Well before the release those things would have sometimes even killed you by simply walking over them, so I was quite happy when after the changes you got only stuck sometimes in one of several tries. Entities of death.
  15. Loot "far outside the map"? Well that shouldnt happen, all loot is in the map, none is teleported. Did you noclipped to it to see where it was? In the old 1.0 version there are one or two coins which sunk into shed at the docks, but this is fixed in the newer versions. The things in the sewers or the charis are models/entitys. Those things sometimes behave strangely. I tried several things with them (especially at the sewers which is indeed is a problematic place regarding this), like using clip brushes among them, or changing them from moveables to non-moveables - but in 1 out of 100 tries it could still be a problem, so i left it how it was.
  16. No I have the most recent version from my map, but thanks. I checked the links a bit: The most recent version is 1.1b, with the *.map file from 22 October 2012. There are some older 1.1b around. Rapidshare appearently had changed something, so people couldnt download from the rs link anymore, but i fixed it now. The most recent version is online at the rapidshare link in this thread. For the rest of the mirrors on the mainpage: fidcal and bloodgate have an old version from april (1.0 i guess) swiftmazes has the most recent version the two dropbox mirrors also have the most recent version ingame downloader also only has an old version from april I maybe should send some pms around I guess.
  17. Its not possible to see the pictures without being logged in.
  18. Isnt "turning" with the keyboard instead of "strafing" + mouse looking outdated since about 15 years or so now? ~ The last time I "turned" with the keyboard was in the mid 90s with Lands of Lore 2 or Doom/Hexen etc. ;P If its not an fps shooter, you can play most games in slow pace with a keyboard + mouse looking and without strafing pretty good too (even Skyrim or Portal). U can try a cheap 5 [insert your currency here] gamepad in PS Style (I have some of them too), there is not that much difference to the expensive ones in the first instance. But i would recommend to just try a simple mouse. For PC gaming a real mouse is always better. ^^
  19. Yeah the moss arrows are mostly for this place. Someone complained that there are not enough moss arrows in the level, but they are needed in this place. Therefore I added several additonal hidden moss arrows in the mission. I anyway didnt expected the player to find all of them. ^^
  20. Its called realistic interaction. ;P
  21. Well, you arent supposed to be up there anyway.
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