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  1. I always find it kind of strange that in DR you can't apply spawnargs on specific brushes (I think), but you can apply textures. But those are not listed as spawnargs, so they're difficult to see except if you select the brush and go into the Surface inspector.

    Wouldn't it be easier if DR would list textures for every seperate brush in the entity view?

    1. OrbWeaver


      There is no connection at all between spawnargs and textures. Spawnargs are key/value pairs set on entities, textures are material shaders applied to the faces of brushes and patches and baked into the compiled map. All brushes and patches are part of a single entity (the worldspawn) so you cannot set spawnargs on individual brushes unless you move those brushes into separate entities (e.g. func_static).

    2. datiswous


      Ok fair enough. I thought it's a matter of organizing. You have primitives (numbered) and you list the textures under them.

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