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  1. Out of all the FMs listed on the wiki, there are 3 that I simply cannot get to play. Somewhere Above the City - the mission loading bar completes, switches to 'Mission Loaded, Please Wait' text, and Doom3 crashes a short time after. Alchemist - the mission loading bar completes, switches to 'Preparing Mission, Please Wait' text, and Doom3 crashes a short time after. The Rift - the mission doesn't even get as far as the splash screen/loading bar, Doom3 crashes while still showing the 'Dark Mod' splash screen. All crash with the 'Doom3 has stopped working' popup error message. No other error m
  2. I ran into two initial problems when trying out TDM. I have a fix for one that I'll share in case anyone else encounters the same issue. TDM Update CrashesRunning tdm_update.exe results in a crash: 'tdm_update.exe has encountered a problem and needs to close.' This happens shortly after the copyright line of text is displayed. A zero length tdm_mirrors.txt file is created. If I manually obtain a correct tdm_mirrors.txt file and run with tdm_update.exe --keep-mirrors, the same crash happens just after 'Fetching checksums from server...'. To workaround this problem, I used the torrent to get
  3. I have just downloaded TDM using the installer/downloader but I'm having a problem that doesn't appear to be listed anywhere. I've searched these forums, I've gone through the installation guide and the FAQ but everything that seems to be for the problem I have hasn't helped. Basically, when I load the mod I get the music playing but the screen is totally black. I can see the mouse pointer and I can hear the sounds as I pass it over the buttons but I can't see a damn thing. When I bring up the console I can see that there were 166 warnings during loading saying 'could not load image', so
  4. I re-downloaded and it seems to work on at least one map that I got the error on before, but I still can't play NHAT 2 because of it. I tried NHAT2 with a clean TDM but that didn't help, I still can't play it. Also for some reason I often have to click the start button in the objectives screen twice because first the mission loads as usual and then for some reason it just resets back to the object screen so I'll have to start the mission again which means I'll have to load it again too. How should I fix this?
  5. I havent seen that thread, my card shipped with the F3L bios - gonna see if the F5 bios is compatible with my card. And I am already under volting it by 44mV (50mV cause some wierd screen garbage when waking up from standby) and unclocking from 1040 to 1000, as mentioned above.
  6. hi, I tried searching but I couldn't find any topics regarding my problem: i just played st.lucia again on 1.02 and when the obj screen updated this obj with a mark - completed. a little bit later I checked the obj screen again and the mark is GONE although . Now I finished all objectives but when I leave the church I can't end the mission, the mission just continues on...... .... I have a savegame if it helps: http://dl.dropbox.co...457202/luci2.7z PS: thanks for this superb mod, I always enjoy playing it and the updates you provide
  7. Here's a condump after a quicksave, then the quickload surprisingly/fortunately didn't crash, but the seeds came back black/cubes, so I did another condump, then the same quickload crashed. Before trying to contact folks, since it seems to involve both the SEED system and save/load, does this point more toward one or the other? Warning, LONG logfile within spoiler tags:
  8. This can be cause by a number of things - the first is please try starting doom3 and putting in the CD key there. If it accepts the key, restart d3 and make sure it doesnt ask again. If this happens chances are that TDM will be fine. If that doesnt work, I remember someone had the same situation regarding gamex86.dll as happens with some people getting a black screen... but try making sure doom3 is happy first. Starting the map directly will skip a lot of 'nice' things, so it isnt really recommended.
  9. I have identified my brand of the black screen problem. Basically, after having gone through the briefings of an appearingly randomly selected number of fms, it gives me a dialogue box saying that the map files cant be found. Which would indicate a problem with the download. I later found out that the problem was caused by me having put spaces between fm names with multiple words when downloading them (i.e. sons of baltona.pk4). Writing sons_of_baltona.pk4 or sonsofbaltona.pk4 completely got rid of the problem.
  10. sigh... unfortunately, the solution mentioned here fails just after the first line. It would seem my Xorg installation does not match the one in the tutorial, and therefore, I cannot even complete the first step. I do enjoy Linux, but when it gets to the point where you spend 3 days trying to properly install video card drivers and find yourself still at square one, it just doesn't seem worth it... I will keep chugging along and just hope that nothing I do breaks my entire system. Edit - okay, my kernel is intact, but now all I get is a tty2 screen. I think things are broken beyond my ski
  11. Thank you HiddenCoast. I will try this one. Springheel, I really don't know why you struggled with my question. I just wanted you to tell me what you thought was the best way to solve the Black Screen problem. It seems like a simple request. If you didn't have a suggestion then I wanted you to tell me what post from this thread seemed like the best solution again, seems like a simple request. It's true I said I have tried the suggestions in this thread but I also said that I would be more than happy to repeat a suggestion that looked promising to an expert such as yourself in the event that
  12. TDM has been running perfectly well up until now (Linux 32-bit). Now, though, it loads and runs (I can hear the music and the keypresses) but the screen is blank. It may be the fact that I've just successfully loaded and run the latest version of Dark Radiant, and I may have inadvertently changed something I shouldn't have - but I simply don't know. Any help for my aching brain would be appreciated.
  13. It doesn't appear that I'm going to get an answer from the Dark Mod team which is odd since this problem seems too large to ignore. How about this, does anyone know how to fix the black screen problem? I've tried the above suggestions but they didn't work for me. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  14. I tried to download "The Builders Blocks" just now (in game). When I entered the available Missions view it had downloaded "Crystal Grave v2.1" instead. Builders block is gone from the missions in the online mission archive. Crystal Grave is still there. When I check for more information (mission details) on Crystal Grave it gives me black screenshots.. Somethings off here me thinks... Enjoying the mod though, Cheers...
  15. Those lights are a material shader problem. There's nothing wrong with the screen shot beyond the self lit glass in the lights. It's up to the map author to decide how much ambient light they want lighting their entire map, we make some suggestions on the wiki I believe, but the light level I'm seeing here doesn't look too out of the ordinary in your screen shot. On my laptop monitor it looks just right, and on my older CRT monitor...it's almost too dark to see anything. So I think it's ok. I've seen Thief 2 scren shots that looked far brighter than that.
  16. Since upgrading my machine (and switching to a Geforce 8800 GTX) I've noticed a couple times now in TDM where I get a strange flicking effect. At first it just looks like the screen is randomly flickering to black for half a second, occuring every 5-10 seconds. Tonight (the second time I've noticed it) it started happening again, and the frequency started getting faster and the effect more severe--after a few minutes surfaces almost looked like they were z-fighting every two seconds or so. It seemed to be somehow related to the flickering of nearby lights...there were a couple places where
  17. Can you post the changes that occur between the DoomConfig.cfg where your screen is pitch black, and the default one? (Since it looks like you're on Linux, a unified diff (use diff -u) would be grand. )
  18. It's the normalmaps which are the big hit. They are RGBA, the combination of image_useNormalCompression 2 and image_useCompression 1 will mean that at load time they are converted from RGBA->DXT5 with the swizzle, which is very heavy computationally (could be lightened a bit if we borrowed some code from amd). image_useNormalCompression 2 is however required as there are a _few_ DDS files for normalmaps, and without it they are either flat or black, depending on magic that I can't quite remember. TDM however does have 99% of the diffuse/specular textures as DDS, so no harm there.
  19. First off I'd like to say that "Dark Mod" is great game and I've had no problems running it in Windows 8.1 64 bit except for one small graphics problem. "Dark Mod" Is Not Resolution Friendly! Case in point.. I'm still able to play games on my computer like "Rendezvous With Rama", "System Shock 2", "Fallout 3", all of the Thief games, and a heck of a lot of other games at a resolution of 4600 x 2600 on a 55" HDTV that is only capable of 1080p. I'm able to reach such a high resolution by downsampling and of course having a really good graphics card. The problem is this.. All of he games cate
  20. I'm having the same problem on Windows 7 and a GTX280 on 195.62. It starts fine but defaults on 1920x1200, when I set my resolution and restart I just see a black screen.
  21. Hi folks, I'm trying to get TDM working, but already have problems with the training mission: I ran tdm_update.exe successfully. (Repeated that step, just to be sure, it says "All done, your TDM installation is up-to-date"). Then I started tdmlauncher.exe and installed the training mission (game did restart ok afterwards). (*1) When trying to play the training mission, the objectives/difficulty choice screen shows. After selecting "Start this mission" there, the "Loading mission" progress bar comes up; when it reaches 100% I see a "Preparing to start mission, please wait" message. After
  22. For me it's almost not noticeable. (but then again, i have an old macbook pro mid 2009 and get used to run "new" games on low grapics and low fps,...) What is the best way to measure the fps in the darkmod? is there something like a "benchmark" mission? I dont remember if i changed the default game-settings. But with the settings i now use, I get the following measurements: (Darkmod 2.01 on playonmac 4.42, wine 1.7.17, full screen on a "little" 640x480 game-resolution, trainingsmission) location lowest fps-highest fps main-room: 40-60 archery 15-30 melee: 12 - 30
  23. Hi and thank you for the replies and suggestions so far. @Fidcal I haven't played St Lucia on this machine. @Serpentine I had the 9.10 driver and I have now updated to the 9.11 driver, no change. @New Horizon I realise your second last reply was meant for Noisycricket but with the new driver I have again gone through and tried both the default (My default) config as well as the change you mention and after that didn't work I tried the other changes as well. @Noisycricket I haven't fiddled with DOOM 3 settings at all and the game had detected as Ultra, I changed that to High instead, c
  24. I set settings through DoomConfig as you said but when I ran it the game had a small screen on the bottom left and the rest of the screen was really stretched and blurry. When I wrote "writeConfig DoomConfig" the console said it was an unknown command.I shut down the game and ran it again but I got this error: --------- Game Map Shutdown ---------- -------------------------------------- ******************** ERROR: Error: file script/tdm_events.script, line 41: Unknown event 'frobHilight' I'm using windows 7, I have Avire AntiVir as an Antivirus
  25. This is weird. I have not had any problems with running missions in TDM, but now that I installed Awaiting the Storm, I am experiencing problems not just with this mission, but others as well. Here is what happens: 1) The mission installs properly 2) When it is started, everything seems to be OK up to selecting objectives 3) When the mission is loading, the progress bar goes about 1/8 of the way, and then returns me to either the objective selection screen or (on one occasion) the title screen 4) After this, trying to reload the mission produces this error message: "Joint 'Hips' not found for
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