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Found 12 results

  1. Hello, everyone! I've done some searches in the forums, and looked in the troubleshooting on the wiki, but there's a problem that's been in Dark Mod for the past version or two that's now prevalent enough for me to log in and report. Not sure if it's an issue with the Dark Mod itself or just one model of light that someone developed and is using in more and more missions, but it's driving me nuts. In several missions, electric lights are used and the tone the game has them emanate...well, I'm supposing it's supposed to be a soft hum, but instead it's a piercingly loud sine wave kind of t
  2. With TDM 2.06 mappers and players can use OpenAL EFX system, which is basically an open-source software replacement for systems like EAX, which, at the time, was available only for dedicated hardware by Creative. This allows us to set reverb definitions for rooms, and in my opinion, it's a game-changer for TDM FMs. If you ever played old Thief games with EAX-enabled hardware, you know what I mean. Otherwise, try playing Kingsal's Volta and the Stone with EFX On and Off to see the difference. It's a new life for game environments. The EAX reference page in the Wiki can be quite intimidating
  3. I'm coming across a little annoyance periodically, which I'm sure nearly every player can confirm and at least partly agree on. When playing TDM on headphones, directional audio does not set a minimum volume for the ear opposite of the source. This means that when a sound source is to your left, you hear it entirely in the left ear... and if it's to the right only in the right ear. The first problem with this is that it's very irking for the player... to the point where I often have to look in a certain direction just to avoid noise in one ear and complete silence in the other. It's the same
  4. Hi guys, I've started making music and want to share some sound effects: https://www.lucidsamples.com/sound-effects-packs/156-1000-sfx-production-tools-vol-2.html
  5. Most zoned ambients, when used in place of regular ambient sounds, sound considerably worse. It does not matter whether they are coming off a speaker or from the location system. I encountered this way back when working on King of Diamonds and even pointed it out on the forums, but nobody seemed to take notice. I used non-zoned ambients in KoD for this precise reason, which led to complaints about the loud popping you hear when you don't use _z ambients. Now I've come to a head when implementing location settings in my new FM and I cannot deal with the pop-in anymore. I've debugged this issue
  6. Hi I've recently installed Dark Mod (downloaded tdm_update.linux, made it executable and ran it). Unfortunately, when I run the game, I get no sound. I tried several things, but none of them worked. I tried: running pasuspender ./thedarkmod.x86running ./thedarkmod.x86 +set s_alsa_pcm sysdefault:CARD=PCH after checking if there is a seta s_driver "best" line in Darkmod.cfgrunning pasuspender ./thedarkmod.x86 +set s_alsa_pcm sysdefault:CARD=PCHchanging seta s_alsa_pcm "surround51:CARD=PCH,DEV=0" to NVidia and DEV=0, 1 and 3., also to default and surround51 and stereochanged seta s_driver to "os
  7. Hello! I'm working on a few extra player movement sounds as an experiment in my next FM. A couple questions: Is there any way to add a player jump sound for when the player begins the jump?It looks like there is some setup for a player swimming sound, but it only seems to do exit/ enter splash sounds. Is this broken/ known issue? Is there anyway to hotfix this?Is there a setup for playing a sound when the player is moving above a certain speed? Likely a script that says play sound shader when player velocity is above a certain value. Think of a wind rushing sound..Lastly, is there a way to
  8. Ever since I first installed TDM on my Linux machine, there has been just one problem that would never let me enjoy the game in peace: The audio system. Sound will either simply not work, work but constantly flicker, or lag behind as the game goes on. Every now and then I had to adjust the sound settings to get better results... and in doing so I got a hang of what the possible configurations are. I decided to share this info here, for others who are struggling with untangling the buggy sound system. In essence: If you are running The Dark Mod on Linux, you have 3 options for sound, each wit
  9. The user Cambridge Spy recently inspired me to bring this up. http://forums.thedarkmod.com/topic/17163-fan-mission-a-house-of-locked-secrets-by-gelo-moonbo-fleisher-20150528/page-6?do=findComment&comment=373216 I often play TDM without any sound, either because I'd disturb other people in the room or because I use the same computer to playback something else (e.g. a talk on youtube, some podcast, etc) and TDM does not run flawlessly with ALSA/PulseAudio. Also, I'd love to see TDM and its missions to be more accessible to hearing impaired people. So if you design a mission, use doors wi
  10. I found that when I made these changes to the Darkmod.cfg file my sound was fine in Linux Mint 15 64bit with MATE seta s_driver "best" seta s_alsa_lib "libasound.so.2" seta s_alsa_pcm "sysdefault"
  11. I have started to do some alternative footstep sounds for TDM some time ago and I'm still not done. But since developement with this will take more time than considered in the beginning I'm already releasing a beta package for this. You can download and test it out here: https://dl.dropboxus...0BETA/sound.rar I would appreciate any help on this, no matter if it's just testing and reporting or even contributing new sounds (there are still some missing - BETA!) Have fun guys! Installation: Just extract this rar file into your darkmod folder so that it looks like this "darkmod/sound/...).
  12. What do I need to do to get surround (5.1) sound working? When I click on "STEREO" in the audio settings I get the following message UNABLE TO LOCATE 3D AUDIO Surround speakers not found. Make sure the speaker settings are configure properly in the Windows Control Panel. I believe I have configured my speaker settings properly in the Windows Control Panel. I have attached a screen capture of the error message and the relevant control panel windows. I'm running a Swedish Windows Installation, but I think the images will speak for themselves. The following is printed to the conso
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