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Ahaha are you serious, I'll work on it then :D


It helps to be a little more specific in your criticism too. I wouldn't know what you mean just by " <_< " I studied the information beforehand so as to circumvent unnecessarily repetitive questions that've already been answered. I thought it was a great interview.


Although officially NH's the only person who was consistently present through out the interview, and he didn't say anything (sparhawk wasn't there at all).


I'm pretty critical with things that have pontential. I put the folks behind the project on a tough spot, and they gave some good answers. What's the point of being 1 of the 100 xerox mods? Try something new, just like LGS did.


Peace out,



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I hope I'm not out of line, but;


Show us another Thief mod at all, let alone one that aims to give the community what Thief 3 didn't (a much more improved version, with the ability to make your own fan missions), and THEN start calling us a XEROX mod...


Plus we have stacks of new features planned, but the interview never mentioned, I would think because its not a good idea if we mention them now because it could welcome undue critisism.


Maybe this wasn't made clear in the interview either, but the first step is to just fill in the void that T3 didn't fill, and THEN go crazy with the new features. You gotta walk before you can fly.


And BTW; <_<

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For me <_< =


You throw in some offhand comment about someone not involved in the project saying Doom3 engine has lighting limitations and make it sound like this guy is the final authority. If you had "studied", you would have known about other mods and maps that use the Doom3 engine for stunningly large, outdoor, well-running and beautiful maps. Kudos to sparhawk for getting the interview back on track.


You stray off-topic and start talking about Blizzard and Gothic, were you getting bored?


Laughing at your own jokes and excessive smilies on top, and it gets a <_< from me. But you are better than most from EvilAvatar, which I usually consider giving a :wacko: or :angry:

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Loose BOWELS are the first sign of THE CHOLERA MORBUS!
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I honestly haven't seen you around evilavatar, so I'll ignore the last comment.


How would you "see" me around EvilAvatar unless I registered? I don't think I need to post in the forums to be able to form a conscious opinion of the site.

Loose BOWELS are the first sign of THE CHOLERA MORBUS!
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