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Unable to install mission under Wine

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I'm running the Steam version of Doom3 under Wine (see elsewhere for my efforts with the native Doom3), and I'm encountering an unfortunate interaction with the restart required to "install" a mission and Wine.

  1. I start darkmod in the approved way, the menu screen comes up and tells me I have no missions installed.
  2. I select to install the training mission
  3. The game tells me "mission installed" and then restarts
  4. Darkmod exits
  5. Steam reports Error: This game is currently unavailable (Application running).
  6. When I restart darkmod, it tells me again I have no missions installed.

What's going on here? Point (5) is presumably a subtle Wine error, but why isn't darkmod able to go ahead and load the mission anyway when I restart at point (6)? Is there any workaround?


For what it's worth, Doom3 plays *perfectly* (apart from being a rather crap game, IMHO) under Wine.


Edit: http://forums.thedar...ing-with-steam/ seems to be a similar problem, *without* wine! Only, I'm *not* getting the mission installed when I restart :(


Edit: Aha: the trick is to ignore the advice in the wiki which says to run

steam -applaunch 9050 +set fs_game_base darkmod

and instead to run



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