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Mr Lemony Fresh

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Hi folks, people might not remember me but maybe the skeleton I modelled and textured. If you are happy with the skeleton please consider checking out a game I helped make while I've been working for blowfish studios in Sydney. Even if you hated my skeleton, this game is for you if you enjoy tower defence strategies =) And you'll be helping the dwindling Australian game industry! we're struggling over here XD




Here's a video of gameplay:



I don't really get paid much, but get bonuses from good sales! please give it a try if you've got $3 to spend in a fun IOS game =)


How i wish they had made it Three 'fiddy' (southpark reference).

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Haha yeah everyone is always asking about an android verson.. only on IOS at the moment, but often Blowfish does port to android.


The voice was done by an Aussie i think..? Tbh I thought that was a llliiitle weird at times. At one point he's all like 'gaaaangnam styyyle!' why? no clue :P not brave enough to ask the boss what they were smoking XD

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