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My first impressions on The Dark Mod 2.0


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Okay , so , I know the forums are probably full with this...And people get annoyed by it.. But I've gotta write it , so the devs can know I'm really thankful and stuff.


Okay so lets start.


This mod is awesome to say the least , graphically its alright , at least for people who care about the gameplay more then the actual look of the game. (And judging by people who play the mod , they do value gameplay more.)


I love the downloadable maps , I do crave for a campaign with a story but this just makes me feel more like a thief. (Rich location , I rob it , I go away.)


I actually was gonna play it before , but I could not get it to work with my Doom 3 copy , but I'm glad I didn't , because now its standalone , and I like it for that even more.


The gameplay itself is pure oldschool Thief feel , just without the really ugly lightning effects.


I also love the freedom of movement. Like leaning forward , left , right , also the ability to walk really slow.


All in all I'm saying this is just what I was looking for while waiting for Thi4f , even though this one is looking more like Dishonored (Circle menus , "super powers?") and a Deus Ex: Human Revolution (Kill / Knockout animations are scripted) baby tbh , witch both are "Stealthy" games , but do have a large emphasis on action...


Anyways , thank you , devs , for making me feel young again with this , and since I'm here I do have a small question to ask.


-- Is there any way possible to tweak the arrowhead damage? So it would be an instakill? - I know its stupid , but I would love to have that option if possible. :)


- That's it from me. :))

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Arrows are insta-kill if you hit an AI in the face (or anywhere in the head if they aren't armoured) and they're unaware of you. Same thing for the torso if your combat is on Normal difficulty.

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