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I've been on and off the forum quite a bit, mostly off.

I want to thank the mod team for all of your hard work, mapping in DR has been the next best thing ive actually done with a computer, music being the first :P


Im studying music at a "folk highschool" in Karlskoga, music is the one hobby that has actually stuck with me.




here is a "album" ive put together, if ur not a fan of crazy electronic music, skip to the fourth track.



any musicians out there? share your work/soundclouds

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I wrote "Funeral Dance", anything by THE MANY is pretty much solely my own music.


Everything else on the page is produced / mixed by myself, at Plastik Musik.

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I put together an album once. Didn't know about Soundcloud, so I put it up on Last.FM instead.


It's not professionally made. I just sat down with a groovebox and put something together that sounded interesting.

Played a lot of Dwarf Fortress back then.

If my English is bad I am very sorry. It's not my mother tongue.

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No, this has been done on a Roland MC505 (named "Suse"). No sampling possible there, it's all done with its synthesizer, arpeggiator, quantizer and sequencer. I think I recorded some of the melodies with the keyboard (and quantizer switched on). When I was done with preparing all my patterns I connected the sound output of Suse to the microphone input of my computer, fired up Audacity and recorded with that while only switching on and off the prepared patterns. To my credit I didn't only switch them on and off at the end of a measure and sometimes more than once per measure. *cough*

That's probably why it sounds so crazy - I mostly first used the arpeggiator to find some rhythm that sounds nice and then quantized to some other measure than used in the arpeggiator.

The only skills employed in the making of that album where probably patience and a sense for harmonics. Although I once played the violin and can find my way around a djembe I have no idea how to play a keyboard or how to operate a physical drum set. Also I have no idea of how to do post production (or whatever it is called), arrangement or any of that stuff.


So, basically this is amateurish as it gets, I guess.

If my English is bad I am very sorry. It's not my mother tongue.

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