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Did I just get lucky installing TDM on Ubuntu?

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I had been wanting to wipe my laptop for quite some time and switch from windows to linux. I had a lot of apprehension since the last couple of times I used Linux, I kept finding that there was always just 'one little thing' that made it slightly less desirable. Anyway, I figured I would check out Ubuntu again, went with 15.10 and the OS install without a hitch. When it came to TDM, I remember having to install some extras to get it running last time. The libs indicated on the TDM homepage install instructions are said to no longer work and I was unable to install them, apparently their replaced by some other set of files. So, I ignored that part and just went ahead with installing TDM. Lo and behold, I had to do nothing else. Clicked on the executable and everything ran perfectly. Sound works, video looks great and the performance is decent on the laptop...just a hair better than under windows.


So I was pleasantly surprised how easy it was after the threads I've seen in here about folks having issues getting it going.



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The big problem with Linux is 64-bit. If you have 32-bit hardware or install 32-bit Linux then you'll see far fewer issues, if any.

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Apart from multi-screen issues I've touched in an another thread, I've never had any issues with running Darkmod in 64-bit Ubuntu 14.04 LTS either. I've dabbled a bit with DR too, and had no issues with that either - apart from not being able to use it due to user errors, that is... :blush:


Actually, there still is one: the sound doesn't work if I've got Clementine, my music player of choice, running at the same time - but since you can't really play Darkmod with other sound sources running at the same time, that's not been a showstopper.

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