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I see the list of spawnargs, but isn't it just generic? Is there a way to tell which ones can actually do something on that entity?

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No, this is a bit of missing on DR. The spawnargs are actually only the ones the entity inherits, but wether the code really supports this spawnarg (and wether it reads it once when loading the map, or everytime the spawnarg is used) is not encoded and thus DR cannot show it to you.


The list, however, weeds out a few spawnargs that definitely are not supported on that entity so it's a first step.

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There are many generic spawnargs, but if you examine it carefully, you will find the relevant ones among the clutter.


For example, trigger_once_entityname needs a spawnarg for the entity who triggers it. The only way to know it is "entityname" is through that list. Or was it "ent"? Sometimes finding the relevant spawnargs are a PITA if you are not familiar with the entity.


Anyways: I do not know other ways to find what spawnargs the entity can take.


Check the list for func_emitter to see if it is "start_on" or "start_off" or "hide" or something else. When you get acquainted with the clutter spawnargs, you start seeing the relevant ones more quickly.


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