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Is there a way to disable water effect (inside effect, not surface)

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Hi Guys,


when i'm playing big FMs like Crucible of Omens, I have to play with downsize options to avoid crash :


seta image_downSizeLimit "512"
seta image_downSizeBumpLimit "128"



But playing with this config, I have visuals bugs, like flames appears black, or water surface effect working only in a small square at the left bottom of the screen. I've been able to disable those bugs by using toggle commands like :


bind "i" "toggle r_skipambient"
bind "o" "toggle r_skipnewambient"
bind "p" "toggle r_skipPostProcess"


But there is only one bug that I can't handle, it's the water effect when you swim INTO the water : it's not easy to describe, it's like the shader effect is zoomed at maximum, the level is tilted and appears twice as large, it's very difficult to navigate into water.

(the same bug appears with sky textures or mirror reflection)


I almost found a solution : when using noclip, the water effect is totally disable but the speed of the player is way too slooow and I can't navigate like this.


So does someone know a way to disable the water effect ?

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You can disable the underwater distortion with g_doubleVision 0 but I believe it will affect some other effects and if there is murk in the water

then it will become opaque. You might be able to bypass the opaque murk problem via r_skipFog (or r_skipFogLights ).


A better solution would be to create an override material that doesn't include the heathaze shader effect and pack it into the materials

folder in the mission pack. I'll look at that when I get home. (it's spawned from an underwater gui file so it might require editing the gui file too).

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