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Time-Saver Build Fix For SCons/Linux Compilation


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  • 2 weeks later...

I applied the patch and compiled on an area which had already everything compiled.

It correctly did not compile anything more. Excellent!

Thanks for the report, Hamlet -- much appreciated. And although I'm a newcomer myself, let me be the 1st to say, "Welcome to the forums!".


Now if I could just get someone with SVN checkin privilege to apply this patch, I'd be a happy camper! :)

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I had planned to apply the patch after I tested it.


However, the current SVN trunk source doesn't compile on Linux, even w/o the patch.


I'm focused on getting 2.05 out the door, but even there the Linux build--though it compiles--causes crashes. My call for Linux people to debug that has gone unanswered.


We are unfortunately lacking the Linux devs we used to have to deal with problems like these.

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