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AI breaking locks?

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Some sort of force/push and/or destroy doors would work wonders in a zombie mission. You dont want civilized zombies calmly opening doors using the handles and respecting locked doors or that will give up the chase because of some obstacle. It would be nice if they were able to force them open or push it down if need be.

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I remember wondering about Thief-style damageable doors from the player's side. My interest in bashing things was also piqued by the discovery there's an unused player arm view model wielding a club instead of the sword.


I had some ideas about how damageable doors might be jury-rigged, but one problem - not specific to doors; attempting e.g. a Thief-style slashable banner would run into it too - was that outside the S/R system, there was no apparent way to check the source of damage (via script). You don't have Thief's slash, bash and poke stims. In the context of damageable doors, that would imply you could 'break the lock' by firing broadheads at the door, since broadheads deal damage.


Damage defs have some interesting features - kick, knockback, push - which might be more appropriate here than generic 'damage' to the door's 'health': e.g. atdm:damage_rock does "push" "6" but atdm: damage_firearrowdirect does "push" "425", so if you want, say, a door that can be blasted open explosively but is immune to having rocks hurled at it, that might be useful. (But I don't know of any way to use it as things currently stand.)

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Some things I'm repeatedly thinking about...


- louder scream when you're dying

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Although i think Springheel is quite right with his worries that it could break the mission, i think the idea as such is super cool. TBH, i can't see how such a complex behavior could work though, without potentially messing up the whole mission. So, i think i'm rather for keeping it simple, and, more importantly, predictable. After all, as a player you want to keep a certain control over how the break-in proceeds. Also, how much sense does one AI guard which breaks into the house make? You'd think he'd want to call for reinforcements, when the house owner saw a thief, and all the AI's would do a search in the house.

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