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Help me building a PC

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done it! I've got a new built and running pc!

Except I couldn't afford a graphic card yet, I'll add one next month but the integrated vega 8 graphics with ryzen 3 2200g is allready giving me a lot better performance than my previous laptop and enough to get into the dark mod a little more.

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Do note that Microsoft sabotaged updates to Windows 7 on newer hardware, e.g. Ryzen, even though Windows 7 still had years of support left at the time they did this. https://www.theregister.co.uk/2017/04/19/chap_fixes_microsofts_windows_7_and_8_update_block_on_new_cpus/


As a former user who paid for the Windows 7 software, that was the last straw, not to mention GWX. I uninstalled Windows and I run straight Linux now. I also do my best to migrate friends and family away from Windows; many of them have done/are doing it themselves to either Mac or Chromebooks, which is quite heartwarming indeed. Fuck this company!


Note that this means you will not be able to use your current copy of Windows 7 or 8.1 (yeah, Microsoft sabotaged that one too even though it was supposed to get critical updates until 2023) on a computer you build yourself if it has a modern CPU. At least, not if you want critical updates.

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