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On 9/1/2019 at 12:24 PM, snowy said:

If you liked the Dark Crystal movie, this is more of that. I think it looks great with a very good voice cast.

For me, the show takes itself too serious, no comedy and I think some scenes are overly disgusting. I'm not going to continue watching.

Hello snowy,

Just rewatched the DVD movie and redeemend a 15 € voucher cause I was simply too curious. :)

You are right; very close to the movie with respect to both story telling and voice acting. I think they found the right  balance between puppet show and modern CGI productions, but it definitely feels like Jim Henson's work from the 1980s with lots of details.

I have watched now 2.5 episodes and can confirm that the tone in general is (as in the movie) very serious, but at least episode two and the first 20 minutes of episode three include some funny things as well. The background story with the seven Gelfling tribes is also very promising.

The bitter pill is:

Knowing the prologue of the 1982 movie, I am afraid that this cannot have a good ending. :(

However, thank you for the information.


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