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This is my experiment in progress, analytical shadows

The idea behind it is upload scene geometry for fragment shader to analyze it for shadow volumes

It's terribly slow. My 1650s can only do 200 triangles in 4K

It's also not clear how to soften it properly. I'm doing pixel noise but adding an average loop is a sure way to slow things down even more. Screen space average?



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15 hours ago, lowenz said:

When the light is ON an edge:

It shines in both direction with half strength

The idea is the light has a non-zero size. If split by a surface, its halves are shining both ways

But yeah, with closed 3d shapes this should not happen

P.S. you might want to check what you copy paste from the image hosting sites. Your post above has an ad link

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Nice work!

Here is a stochastic approach for shadow maps for comparison:



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(Yeah, shameless promotion... but traffic is traffic folks...)

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