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Flash arrow: Yay or nay?


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10 hours ago, wesp5 said:

Do we have a free weapon arrow slot on the number keys? Also I liked the electrical arrow idea much more, taht would be able to turn cameras, robots and electrical lights off. If I want to light an area, I just use the lantern :)!

How many arrows were there in total? We have numbers 0 to 9 so 10 in total. 1 is Blackjack 2 is Sword and the other 8 would be arrows: We have the standard arrow, water, fire, moss, gas, noisemaker, rope, vine... yeah that would be all 8 then, I thought there would be 6 or 7. I guess it could go on another keybind like - or = or not have a specific bind at all.

5 hours ago, datiswous said:

If you use this, you won't use the flashbomb.

@MirceaKitsune I think it will only be included if there's a need for it. Maybe it's a good idea to include it in your own missions. So people get a taste for it, I think that is the route for inclusion. You could start by adding it to your released mission as an update.

I was thinking about it, haven't released new FM's but would like to include this arrow when I do. Problem is I'd need to add it as a mod, and this requires a custom player def that might get broken later due to how weapon slots are defined since the Doom 3 days (also why we have a 16 weapon limit though that we're far from breaching).

Like I said it can work alongside the flashbomb but is rather different in its latest form so I don't think there's a conflict. Mappers can either place only the bomb, only the arrow, or both as they don't really obsolete each other.

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14 hours ago, MirceaKitsune said:

Like I said it can work alongside the flashbomb but is rather different in its latest form so I don't think there's a conflict. Mappers can either place only the bomb, only the arrow, or both as they don't really obsolete each other.

What I did in my Unofficial Patch is convert the flash mine into a stun mine, because I think the later makes much more sense than the former. Maybe it is possible to do the same for your flash arrow? Or maybe convert the flash bomb?

P.S.: To clear this up a bit, of course a flash arrow needs to be used in a different way, but replacing one of the surplus flash items would it make availble in any map or shop that offers them.

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A Flash ARROW would be an inventive (and weird) way to do 'unseen' or semi-ghosting... after all the affected guards can't see ANYTHING for a moment once its used on them.  (it should affect 'optical' sensors, but what about pure-motion sensors like the new sentry-cameras?)

I don't often use Flashers in TDM; they seem a little too useless...

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