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Looking for a large cave mission

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I am looking for a particular cave mission I have played years ago, but can't make it out any more.

It was not Requiem.

There was only a small part in the beginning outdoors, then you entered a huge cave, even with buildings inside.

Maybe someone knows what mission I refer to. Maybe it is even depublished.


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41 minutes ago, darksilence said:

Maybe Mad's Mountain?


Thank you, that looks like a nice small mission too but I was looking for a rather large mission.

33 minutes ago, darksilence said:

Cauldron of the Gods also fits your description.

That indeed seems to be it, though I remember the beginning completely different, less urban.

Many Thanks!

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It's worth mentioning that Cauldron of the Gods got a reasonably large update some time after initial release, which changed a few areas among other things. So if you have memories of the beginning being different, it's possible that's one of the things that was changed.

A word of warning, Agent Denton. This was a simulated experience; real LAMs will not be so forgiving.

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25 minutes ago, Heuli said:

I think he means the mission where you wake up in a room and climb through a window and go left there is a house with a big hole in the garden there you have to climb in

I don't know the name of the mission

The Rift ?

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