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No Audio - 64-bit w/ Arch-based Linux

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8 hours ago, Neko-san said:

2: If I enter those alsoft commands in my terminal, it won't have unexpected affects on other software, right?

There will be effect on all programs started with these env. vars.
I'm not good in bash, but I think the export-ed env. vars only take effect on all programs started from the shell where you did export, and until you close the shell.

Also the only "unexpected effect" would be OpenAL writing log files.

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I also had some sound problems with The Dark Mod recently. There is this thread covering an issue related to pulseaudio, but in my case it was something more low-level. I think the OpenAL error was a bit different than yours, but I managed to solve the problem by updating the .asoundrc file this way :

pcm_slave.slavej {
  pcm "hw:0"
  channels 2
  rate 44100
pcm.plugj {
  type plug
  slave slavej

Always worth a try I guess. i found the solution on on the Arch Linux forum.

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