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  1. Hello, I followed the build procedure on a fresh Debian Stable 11 (Bullseye), KDE with X11. The build went without an error, and I tried it by loading a small map I had around. I didn't test it extensively but I didn't met any runtime problems so far. Looking forward to see Darkradiant on flathub, though installing it this way is already a big step forward from building it from source the traditional way
  2. Hello, I also had some sound problems with The Dark Mod recently. There is this thread covering an issue related to pulseaudio, but in my case it was something more low-level. I think the OpenAL error was a bit different than yours, but I managed to solve the problem by updating the .asoundrc file this way : pcm_slave.slavej { pcm "hw:0" channels 2 rate 44100 } pcm.plugj { type plug slave slavej } Always worth a try I guess. i found the solution on on the Arch Linux forum.
  3. I put an chmod 777 on the file just in case (I forgot to say I use the current last Linux version of TDM, will add this in the first post). I bind the lean left control to a, and move left control to q.
  4. Hello, I've got this problem since the beginning but I never found a solution nor dared to open a thread until now : I use an AZERTY keyboard, and therefore change the movements bindings accordingly (q to a, w to z, and so forth). The problem is that TDM doesn't seem to remember those custom bindings, or rather every other time : One time it start with the bindings set to QWERTY and I have to change them manually again, one time it start with the correct ones, again and again. I tried to make a fresh install or edited the Darkmod.cfg file but nothing changed. Also, the problem concerns only some of the keys : TDM always remember that I changed the "move forward" control from w to z, but not the "move left" from a to q. In every cases, I can't bind anything (like weapons) to some of the number keys (typically 1/é) without having to manually rebind them at each new instances of the game. Confusing, but not a big deal, although it get tedious to fiddle with the controls every time I start the game. Any ideas about how to fix this? I run the current (2.03) Linux version of the game.
  5. Yes this is the one. Thanks folks, 'going to play those two and dive some more into the Training mission.
  6. @demagogue, Springheel : I forgot the part about magic and the Hermetic Order on the Wiki, thanks. Knowing that I think this should be way easier to integrate glyphs and magical powers. There is definitely something more to do with the Inventor Guild, yes. A few months ago I stumbled upon a Let's Play of a TDM mission where pop-up messages were used to display what the player character was thinking or feeling at the moment. It' a great idea that I would like to use myself, but I can't remember the name of the mission. Anyone know which one I'm talking about? It might involves undeads but I'm not even sure of that.
  7. How to get a static model to display a pop-up message not when frobbed, but when highlighted, if this is even possible, and keep the frob_action_script spawnarg to activate a script or another trigger? Also how to have a glance at, say, what a gui will look like in darkRadiant? This one might sound dumb but while I managed to find the name for a fine gui (tdm_message_no_art.gui) after unzipping and browsing tdm_gui01.pk4 I didn't see how it looked like before launching the map, and I bet there is a proper way to preview guis.
  8. As a player that's the main problem with a lot of the fan missions I played so far : Everybody and their dogs keep detailed journals and write down notes for everything, and that's often the only way the story is told. Now I understand how hard it could be to come up with other solutions to embed a story, but I think it could be less redundant if : 1 - Personal writings weren't so often blatantly displayed and kept secure, hidden or at least kept away from curious eyes 2 - Journals/notes weren't so talkative 3 - Written elements were more diversified. I don't see this often bills, accounts, activity reports, drafts, etc. Remember the Bafford's manor, there was an underground room where he kept his accounts : A glance at it and we get clear hints on what kind of activity he was involved in, yet it was just pages of expenses and incomes reports. That's what I would like to try to work on : A good separation between what is private and what isn't, hints and clues "diluted" in a more various forms of documents and overall shorter and more "believable" writings. On a different subject : There's no Keepers in The Dark Mod. How would you legitimate the use of glyphs in TDM's universe? I'm not fond of magnets, magicks and stuffs but this idea of hiding passages or whole rooms with a simple sigil is great, as it is awesome by itself and a convenant way to give power to a character (highly evasive), solve level design problems (hide areas where suspicious activities take place in a credible way) and work as a reward for exploring the map (sikrit stashes).
  9. I'm late to the party but thanks you for uploading this ebuild. I don't know if we're numerous Dark Gentooer out there but I'm personally interested in seeing ebuilds for the newest DR version or a thread about it. I already thought about submitting a DarkRadiant ebuild through Bugzilla but portage is still a rather complex thing for me.
  10. Really nice job. The elevator sequence and the suite upstairs were really impressive and felt somehow like Cloud's room in Mission X from COSAS.
  11. Thanks both for your inputs. I'm still looking for what kind of sounds I can add on top of the second one (thinking about some thin violin layer or a dark and more "percussive" echo)
  12. Since you created this thread I fiddle around with field recordings and chunks of synth jams to see if I can create something fitting those needs, and all results I get while mostly usable (to my taste) in various contexts (religious, funerary, luxurious rooms, etc.) sounds too busy and dense for say a commoner, bourgeois or generally more modest setting. Simple Pure Data patch & Synth randomness : http://a.pomf.se/qwxhud.ogg Church Bells, Pitch and Paulstretch : http://a.pomf.se/mainop.ogg Am I on the right track with those extracts or is that too minimalistic to be used in any way?
  13. I recently realized how Jin-Roh and his maze of vast, partially well lit up sewers and what lay between impacted my mind when it comes to fantasizing a Thiefesque universe : On this matter William Steele 2 and 3, the first Accountant mission and Penny Dreadful 1 did a great job with sewers and making them more than stinking corridors...
  14. I found this mission to be really inspiring, not only for the new kind of rad gameplay elements introduced, but for the "finishing touch" and the general attention given to small details making this TDM instance life-like. I'm glad to see how modders seems to get more and more creative and eager to refresh things as time goes (and will make things harder when I'll eventually have to release something but that's another story). Looking forward to your next missions. Now about bugs and stuffs : Also :
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