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Transparency and alpha channel for patch decal?


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I've made a new sign decal for Frost_Salamander's map (WIP), and for some reason the editor isn't registering the alpha channel when he applies the texture to the patch.
The texture is a .tga file with an alpha channel. Please see the attached zip file if you want to examine it.
I used the same process for an inventory icon and it worked perfectly. We can't seem to figure out how to make the editor recognize the alpha channel of the texture in order to create a decal. Please help?


Hare Signs.zip

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	qer_editorimage	textures/darkmod/decals/signs/hare_sign_001_512
    diffusemap      textures/darkmod/decals/signs/hare_sign_001_512
    bumpmap         _flat
    specularmap     _black
	sort decal


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Move all the global keywords to the top, then replace the diffusemap stage with:


   blend diffusemap

   map textures/darkmod/decals/signs/hare_sign_001_512

   alphatest 0.5


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that appears to have done the trick.  Thank you 👍

Only issue is that both of them appear identical (the 2nd one is supposed to be coloured, while the first is just an engraving).  Might be just too similar a colour to the sign, or is there anything else in the materials def we need to look at?

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Yeah, it's probably near the bottom of the RGB range so it's getting crushed to black by tonemapping.

You'd probably need to brighten the texture a bit to get it to register better as colored.

Please visit TDM's IndieDB site and help promote the mod:




(Yeah, shameless promotion... but traffic is traffic folks...)

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Thank you @nbohr1more for your help!

The reason the coloured rabbit wasn't working is because the alpha channel is the same as the one for the black rabbit which only covers the black outlines, but ignores the blank spaces in between. My fault.

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