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Extra mouse buttons can't be mapped as controls


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There seems to be a limitation regarding controllers (2.09 release, Linux / X11). The engine appears to not detect special mouse keys: In the Settings - Controls menu, I cannot map actions to some mouse buttons, they aren't being sensed at all. Tilting the mouse wheel sideways seems to register (as "mouse4" and "mouse5") but the forward and backward navigation keys do not.

I noticed this a while ago but I don't need those buttons. However I'm trying to introduce the game to someone close: He needs to use a mouse with special buttons for gaming due to medical reasons. If non-standard mouse keys can't be mapped, I'm afraid this is a game we won't be able to enjoy. For this reason I'd like to ask if others can confirm this limitation, and if so can the engine be patched to solve it please? Thank you.

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13 minutes ago, cabalistic said:

It's a known limitation due to awful input handling on Linux: https://bugs.thedarkmod.com/view.php?id=5208

That whole input code needs a full rewrite, so I can't make any promises on a speedy resolution.

Thank you for clarifying. Are there any known tricks or workarounds in the meantime? It would be nice if for the time being a quick patch were be possible, but I don't know the code so if it takes time to find any solution I understand. I'll follow that bug as well to stay up to date with this.

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Autokey seems to be able to do that. I am under windows and use AutoHotkey et. al. for those purposes and Autokey is noted as linux alternative in the web.

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I made a post about this here (I still use this solution for myself):


Edit: just want to add that if you have a mouse that actually has linux client software that can "configure" it to do what you want, that is also a "modern" option if that's available.  Also, for that old mouse of mine, it had hard coded "modes" that you could switch through with a button on top of the mouse... I believe I had to have it in a certain mode to not get clashes with darkmod.


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Some mouse buttons emit keyboard events automatically. I have a Logitech G600 MMO mouse and all of the buttons on the side are just aliases for the number keys ("1"-"0", "-" then "="). So if your friend can use a mouse like that he can just bind those number keys as he wishes, without needing to worry about handling them as special mouse buttons.

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