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Doombringer demo

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Well, there have been sooo many really good boomer shooters lately that this one doesn't really stand out much, to be honest. Prodeus (gorgeos and and bloody), Amid Evil (gorgeos and super good / abstract leveldesign), BPM: Bullets Per Minute (innovative game concept), Wrath - Aeon of Ruin, Ion fury, just to name a few...

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kinda makes me sad the quake remake newer took of 😕 . It used a custom quake engine with a pure glsl renderer which keept the atmosphere while also allowing things such as skyspheres grass (fence texturing) and dragons while QBSP2 was a replacement for the aging QBSP with much larger limits and skeletal models instead of the blocky quake model format. Recreating say nehahra using this would have been some pretty cool shit :) since nehahra was one of the first total conversions for the quake engine and was built before the source code or even the SDK came out so it used a lot of hacks to simulate things like ghosts nuclear explosions and other entitites. Also the original quake C code was largely incompatible with the quake C compiler when it came out as part of the SDK (fixed later though).

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