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Beta testing 2.09a (aka "hotfix")


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Hotfix release for 2.09 is available for testing.

You can obtain it with tdm_installer. Make sure you check "Get custom version" on the first page, then choose release209a on the second page.
If you need 32-bit binary, you can download them in additional archive here.

After a very short testing, this hotfix will become the new "default" in tdm_installer, unless any serious issues are detected.

Contrary to the usual case, savegames are fully compatible both ways between original 2.09 release and 2.09a hotfix release.
You don't need to finish playing current mission in order to update and even rollback in case of any issues.

Here is the list of changes compared to the original 2.09:

* Bindless textures are disabled by default ("r_useBindlessTextures 0"), since AMD drivers don't work properly with them.
* Fixed in-game mission downloader with new FM database: you should no longer see obscure warning messages (5551). A bit better debug logging too.
* Fixed crash when frobbing while having key/lockpick selected (5542). The most known case: crash in decontamination chamber in "Hidden Hands Anomaly".
* Fixed heap corruption crash in ScriptTask-s (5538). The most known case: end of conversation at the beginning of "William Steele 3".
* Lowered requirement on MAX_COMBINED_TEXTURE_IMAGE_UNITS to 32 (link).
* Fixed saving game from script.
* Most likely fixed crash with "r_useDebugGroups 1" on AMD drivers (5280).
* Fixed out-of-bounds error when currentfm is empty in case of campaign.
* Fixed very hypothetical issue in SSE2 Memcpy.
* Fixed memory leak in AAS compilation, which was present since Doom 3 (5562).
* Updated LICENSE file.

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"Bindless textures are disabled by default ("r_useBindlessTextures 0"), since AMD drivers don't work properly with them."

No, freshly new cfg reports:

seta r_useBindlessTextures "1"

Edited by lowenz

Task is not so much to see what no one has yet seen but to think what nobody has yet thought about that which everybody see. - E.S.

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52 minutes ago, lowenz said:

My ini was ALREADY with r_useBindlessTextures set to 0.

You mean darkmod.cfg?

Are you sure you have installed the hotfix, and not the original 2.09 release?

  1. Which revision does the game show in lower-right corner of console ?
  2. Which version is written in .zipsync/lastinstall.ini ?
  3. Could you attach the log of tdm_installer? It looks like tdm_installer_XXXXXXXXXX.log.
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