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On 11/8/2021 at 8:52 PM, Shadow said:

I just tried Tears of St Lucia and it starts out with your description, aka light posts, broken carts, road veering off the to the right. It has a church rather than a mansion. Maybe?

Is there something wrong with this mission? I have Tears of St Lucia on my list, but when I install it, it says no mission available. And if I try to download it through the game itself, that particular mission isn't even available for download? Has it been removed maybe...?

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Turns out, this is NOT a Dark Mod mission at all. I remembered wrong! Woe is me...

The mission I was sort of remembering was the second mission in the Death's Cold Embrace campaign, A Formula For Success. The Highwater Mansion was the house, and the snowy street outside the one I could recall.

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