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Is Necromancy inherently evil, or is it only when misused for selfish reasons?


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I don't know about consensus, but I think it is a matter of values of the observer:

  • Builders: all magical dealings with dead are blasphemy. It is okay to bring flowers to tombs, pray and remember dead non-magically.
  • Pagans: always okay (and probably common practice) to ask for guidance from the spirits. Probably evil to raise dead for selfish power gain. Possibly okay to raise dead to defend own community as a last resort.
  • City dwellers, commoners: Magic? Scary!
  • Nobles: Possibly attractive free time amusements, but maybe a bit perverse and dangerous if the church would hear about it. But forbidden fruit makes it even more enticing.
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There should be an underground necromancer movement patronized by some nobles that also serve as its leaders. In my version, necromancy knowledge is also attached to the Inventors as one of their secret ingredients, but they'd never admit to it or discuss it outside a very small circle at the top. I don't think that's the official line, but it's in the margin of wiggle room I think mappers have to play with them in their own FMs though.

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