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The New Netflix "Resident Evil" Movie


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I was excited at first when I heard Netflix was going to make a Resident Evil tv show, but I heard from multiple people who I tend to agree with that it's woke garbage, in particular Mutahar from SomeOrdinaryGamers. I did a quick review of others' reviews, and it sound awful. Nonstop woke propaganda B.S. and cringe pop culture references like to "ZOOTOPIA PORN". I heard Netflix was firing most of it's woke writers, but it would seem they managed to squeeze out one last shit from between their asscheeks before they were kicked to the curb. It sucks, because I love the Resident Evil game series.

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My mom loved the Mila Jovovich movie adaptions even though they're so different from the games, and I thought the first two were okay, but the rest kind of jumped the Shark by making it a global apocalypse. Apparently this show does that too. Still; I planned to watch this movie a few days ago with my family because we don't hang out as much as we used to. They're busy with jobs and I'm left alone in my autistic mancave basement, so I was looking forward to hanging out with them. Maybe I could sit through a shitty show if it means I could be with my family, although it sucks that a series dear to my heart has been raped by woke Hollywood.

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It's hard to be enthusiastic about new TV shows these days, especially if they're based on an existing franchise with a large fan-base. Too many producers/show-runners/writers seem to rely on the presence of the fan-base for the viewership and don't bother putting in the effort to make something worthwhile, since the preexisting fan-base will supposedly be enough to make it a success. Name your poison - Star Trek, Star Wars, Halo, various Marvel properties, Resident Evil, etc.

That doesn't mean adaptions of existing products can't be decent (e.g. The Boys), but I think there's enough recent disappointments to temper expectations these days. Seems like the best option is to jump in after a season or two has aired and there's enough material to justify if it was any good.

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A word of warning, Agent Denton. This was a simulated experience; real LAMs will not be so forgiving.

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A lot of companies are a bit like Vought (they don't really care about social topics, as long as it makes money, so they suck in being sincere) and I feel They Boys actually does a very good job in portraying how the real world works in that regard.

The first three Resident Evils were THE games of my childhood so I'll probably give this one a chance, like I did with pretty much all Resident Evil movies. The first Mila Jovovich Resident Evil is the only really enjoyable one, as it stayed close to its roots. The second one wasn't too bad, but I just hated that Nemesis was being controlled by Umbrella. The 3rd and 4th one I still enjoyed, but it started to get a bit too much with the special zombies, which to me strays too far from it's roots. The 5th one was horrible and with the last one they redeemed themselves a little bit again. I still have to watch the reboot they made last year, which supposedly stays close to the roots of the first two games.

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