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What am I doing wrong? I cannot get flashbombs or mines to activate.


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I've tried to use them but in each mission I have played I can't get either of them to work.  I select one from my inventory but the only key that works is 'R' which just drops them without activating.  Wondering if I messed something up in my settings.  Something dumb on my part probably.  Any help is much appreciated.

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I think you use the U key to throw them, and hold it down to throw it further. R key just drops things without activating.

Overall I have never liked flashbombs and mines compared to their use in Thief, but I usually ghost anyway so w/e.

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9 hours ago, jaxa said:

I think you use the U key to throw them, and hold it down to throw it further. R key just drops things without activating.


Tried using the U key but still no luck.  Thanks for the suggestion though.

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Check the controls in the settings menu. Under Inventory you find Use Inv. Item (it's the first entree). That's the button you have to press.

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Yep, "use" them, the same way you use the lockpicks, the health potions or the lantern. You can indeed put them down (you can put most things down in TDM that aren't crucial to completing a mission) without them being armed. That's what the drop button does. I think this is different from Thief, where even if you drop mines as opposed to shoving them out forward with the "use item" button in those games, the mines still become armed.


Last thing to note is that when mines in TDM (gas/flash/explosive) have been placed in "armed" mode with the use button, you will hear them wind up and start ticking. This does not happen when it is merely dropped.

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Ok, I think I have this sorted out.  So I guess I can't just toss a flashbomb any distance like I could in Thief.  In TDM it just drops in front of me when it goes off?  I wish I could have more control in where I want to place it.

Thank you all for your help.

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