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I have this cool little table lamp at home that glows a nice yellowy-orange because of it's thick, marbled and somewhat frosted (opaque'ish) glass. So, I decided to try and create it in Lightwave. It turned out pretty close, though some of the details are off. Regardless, I thought if you guys liked it and wanted it modeled for the game, maybe one of you seasoned veterans here could model it properly. My version is probably some high-poly model train-wreck.


Or, maybe it could just be used to spur new/other ideas.




Either way, it was fun to make. I should practice more LW. If you're going to properly model it, let me know if you want an actual photo of the lamp.


Note: The base is supposed to be made of a metallic gold, not wood. I couldn't make the gold look very good, though, so I just made it of wood for now. Lame. Oh well...

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I think people might mistake it for a weird cup of some kind.

Hmm, maybe it's cuz of how I modeled it (it should look like thin metal as the base, which the glass flute part rests in). Plus, the top wavy parts should fold down more at each wave; hard to explain. Can you see the top part okay? I'm looking at it from a different monitor and the dark is so black up there that I can't even see the top edge. This might also be confusing you a bit. (I'm on a different monitor than what I created it in, and as is typical, the darks can't be seen. I hate other monitors sometimes :D)


But, I think that if you have it on a table, glowing like a light, you have a lightbulb in it, there is a cord dangling from it, the base is metallic and properly done, I don't think there would be any mistaking. It has the glow of a lamp, not loot glint. I don't really have a problem with ppl mistaking it as a glass at first anyways. Make them trek across a room only to find out it's a lamp; they live, they learn ;)


I think the very soft lighting is what creates the mood.

Indeed. I've always liked it because of the thick, colored glass it has, which helps give off the dim colored glow. To not use this technique in any light/lamp objects would be a bit of a shame.

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Was just messing around in LW and wanted to tweak the angle of this one, for fun. Might be able to see it better, too, since I adjusted the brightness/contrast a tad:




I still can't get the bottom to look like anything but sh*t, but alas. That's why if you like the idea, and are a good modeler, feel free to model it right. Or I can provide the files for you to tweak.

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I kind've imagine it on a desktop in a mansion or something. You know, a dark room, but off in the corner is a nice hardwood desk with books, papers and writing utensils scattered about on it. The only form of light on that desk is a light like this. So in that respect, I think it would be hard to mistake it for a cup. But I do see your point, maybe if it's appearing in a bright room or something.


Do you think it would be hard to give soft glows in Doom 3? Only asking because we may want a similarly soft glow on mushrooms, as well as crystals embedded in cavern walls. Is it something we need to experiment with now?

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Or a bedside table lamp in a mansion :) LOL, you guys are tough to please! It's just a decorative light that gives off a nice soft glow. Yes, it looks a tad organic, but that doesn't mean it has be be used in Pagan or organic environment. Use it however your mind intends. I don't foresee all floral-print wallpaper going in to Pagan scenes just because it's representative of nature :)

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No, no, I just meant so that it won't get confused with some kind of magic chalice. Use it whereever, but actual location is important. Magic chalice + paperwork = "I MUST get these tax returns in tomorrow and by the Builder this magic keepmeup potion will just have to do!" :)

I want your brain... to make his heart... beat faster.

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