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OK guys things are looking good for me to be finished soon. I can start looking at the things to be animated on SAT the 4th. I am down to only two projects from the three i was working on. and soon the other two will be done then i can actually give you my full attention as I will be working on only 3d art and animation for the next month at least. I have some business I have to attend to in another state for this time but nothing that will take all my time. Family issues.


I look forward to start working on the animations. ;)

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Cool! :)


At the office I started to watch the demo rell, but then my boss came in and I forgot about it afterwards. Guess I have to watch it tomorrow. :)


Gameking, looks like the Unforseen Consequences has closed. No need to divide your time between two projects any longer. :)

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