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Hello everybody, I thought I would introduce myself on the forum. I usually hang out at Doom3world.org, but after seeing the new teaser video today I decided to offer to make assets for TDM. I use the same user name over on Doom3World aswell. This is some of my Doom3 work:


shot001977cx.th.jpg shot002533yn.th.jpg shot002602ka.th.jpg shot002634jb.th.jpg portalsky3pw.th.jpg


I PM'ed New Horizion, and I look forward to making a contribution to the project!

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Tons of viscious popups! I have two popup-blockers running and still some of the imageshack ones make it through, though I hear two or three clicks of others getting blocked every time I open up a pic.

shadowdark50.gif keep50.gif
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But I have two popup-blockers (built in IE and Google bar) which work very well to block all other popus so I don't get any anywhere else, only imageshack, so I just figured they had some new tricksy malicious kind of pop-up.


But like I said, I haven't converted yet, implying that I probably will sometime

shadowdark50.gif keep50.gif
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Holy shit ..... and how did you even do the soft shadow under the plants??

Recall to Hell


Dreams are built with bricks of thorns. Never dream you'll build your future without shedding a single drop of blood. ~ Satan.

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The only thing I didnt make is the lamp post. There is virtually no brush work either. The geometry is a bunch of ascii scene exports from 3DS Max. The shadows under the plants are simply decals:




Infact, I used alot of decals in that map to add dirt and such like. I find its sometimes a good way to break up a surface and hide the fact that a texture is tiled. That way I dont have to resort to stretching textures out over a large area, and loose resolution.


I moved to Belgium in February, but before that I was living in London and I took alot of inspiration from the decaying Victorian infrastructure. You know, things like Baker Street Tube Station were of endless facination to me, and was something that I tried to capture in my textures. But never fear there is lots of inspiration here in Gent.

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That's great. I was wondering if you used decals when you said it. Thanks a lot for sharing.


Also speaking of London, I heard there's a famous underground subway/railway in old london. It's said to have great architectural inspirations. You have anything to say about that?

Recall to Hell


Dreams are built with bricks of thorns. Never dream you'll build your future without shedding a single drop of blood. ~ Satan.

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Blooming great stuff. I'm well jealous of you guys. I'm just getting started with all this stuff. Would some of that stuff in the pics be used in DarkMod?

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"What can I say, I'm a jerk. A three times all American Jerk, from Jerksville, Kentucky. Yee Haw"

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