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When you say everything, does that include the scrolling control menus?

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Scroll bar scrolling or pageturn scrolling. Second is easy, I see now real way of soing the first. The original doesnt have it for a reason. Scroll defs access outside, the lang script, So I dunno how to have code within them. If it's a must i'll try but pageturn works just fine too.

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Scroll bar scrolling or pageturn scrolling. Second is easy, I see now real way of soing the first.


Drumple apparently had a working version of a scrolling menu, so it must be possible. Unfortunately, he never posted how he did it before vanishing.


the whole bind area scrolls

regardless if you select one or not, they just make it easier to get to a specific area, and you can scroll out

of that area just as easily. then we have arrows of some kind for the scrolling, but we also have a slider

that controls the scrolling...


here is a concept of sorts ( it's and in-game shot that actually works, the scrolling slider doesnt at the moment )

but the arrow butttons do scroll the binds area.




Although it would be nice to have the scroll slider working (I don't know for sure that drumple ever got that part to work before leaving), even just using up and down arrows (which apparently did work) would be ok.

Is that what you mean by 'pageturn scrolling'?

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I can prolly do that but I meant list of commands then like click arrow and take a page down not just a single comand. My main issue is that scroll defs are only limitedly used in the original code and theres not alot on them in any resource so whatever I do it basically trying new territory. Not Saying I couldnt get the scroll bar to function but it will take me longer and I think theres more important issue personally.

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I think it's worth figuring out how to do it, especially since we know it's possible. We'll need it for a number of places in the main menu, as well as the purchase menu when we get around to that.


Might be worth posting on D3W. If drumple figured out how to do it, I'm sure some other people have.

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Is there any reason that you couldn't just use something like the following as a parent window for the bindDefs?


Scrolling Text Fields

If you want to make a large block of text with a scrollbar to the side, you can use an editDef:


editDef main_pda_text


text "Put lots of text here."

rect 200 ,96 ,352 ,216 // size of entire field

foreColor 1, 1, 1, 1 // color of text

bordercolor 1, 1, 1, 1 // outline color for scroll bar?

textscale 0.25 // size of text

wrap 1 // the important one- if 0, field will not scroll

readonly 1 // Text cannot be edited by user? Haven't played with this.


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