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Saw all the bot fun going on, so wanted to work on bot designs again. Here's a concept for an 'asleep' bot. Will make more drawings of him awakened, etc. If this already doesn't look Dark Mod'ish enough, then feel free to let me know and will just scrap this design and go on to the next one. Even though this bot is 'asleep,' movement in front of him will awaken him (as his cameras would sense motion). The panels in front would slide up to reveal a bot 'face', he would stand up and move around. Not sure if weapons would be him yet, or if he would just be a "run and get help" type of bot. Feedback welcome...



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It's a cool concept. It's fairly close to the lantern bot though, he's about 85% done right now. Just got lights attached and a quick voice for a test. Has particles and most anims too.


I know Springheel is looking at 2 more bots for now. I would love some cool concept to work off of.

I think one we're gonna do the the four legged, 3 head thing (in Baddcog's Bot thread). I'd like to see some larger concepts in that vien to work from. Pistons, gears, smokestacks...


Another one will probably be some kind of biped, undecided so far.


Both of these WILL be combat bots. The lanternbot is an alarm bot.

Dark is the sway that mows like a harvest

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I know Springheel is looking at 2 more bots for now.


Actually, I didn't expect to have any bots by the 1.0 release, so anything we do now is gravy. :)


I think one 'civilian' bot and one 'guard' bot are probably all we need for the present. It's hard to justify rigging and animating two steambots designs when there are so many regular AI that still need work.

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I don't mind doing the riggin and whatnot of the bots at all Springheel.


first off, I don't have alot of experience at it and am enjoying it.


two, the bots are easier to animate because they are so mechanical, rigid. I can deffinately do those anims and if they turn out a little rough all the better, since they are rickety steambots, I think slightly rough anims actually add to em.


three, I don't want to mess with the other AI's due to the fact that alkl those files are Maya/Blender... I have to convert them to md5, them import em to max and all the bones get messed up... So it's really better for me to just work on new files that don't have rigging...


So I have been spending alot of time on the Lantern Bot, but I'll have plenty of time to do objects here and there before release anyway. The object database is getting pretty full, Pink Dot's making incredible stuff,


I think having 3 cool bots in a year is easy enough. I've worked thru most of the problems gettign an Ai into Darkmod now anyway, so next time it should be even quicker/smoother.

Dark is the sway that mows like a harvest

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