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Chess boxing

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I can't believe it. I just heard about a new sport, which I didn't believe for real and I thought a collegue was trying to make fun of me. :)






This sounds quite hilarious to me, but it seems poeple take it quite seriously. :laugh:


Have you ever heard about this before?


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No I haven't heard of this before, although I've seen the Uuno movie mentioned in the wiki article.



Interesting concept, combining two gentlemen's games into one.




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Yeah, I was thinking the two games should be connected, too, like battle chess ... you'd literally fight when someone wanted to capture a piece, and if the capturer wins the capture stands, but if he loses then he loses his own piece instead and the attacked piece stays (or something like that suitably discouraging that maintains the logic of the game; I think that would work, though, with a few caveats).


A "win" would be like the first person to make a critical contact punch, or 3, or something like that within a time period ... and if the time period runs out the capture stands. And they'd just keep their gloves on and vocally call out their moves. And maybe a checkmate would require like 10 critical hits.


Now that's what I think of with chess boxing. Really connect the two.

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