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Dynamic clothing attachments


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This is the kind of stuff that keeps me awake at night :rolleyes:


I remember a discussion about having animated/ragdoll clothing attachments or something or other so I've been experimenting today since we figured out how to work with copy_joint decls


Here's a video of the animated version (xvid - just a rough & subtle animation, no normal maps):



model dynamic_cape {
mesh		models/md5/props/cape/dynamic_cape.md5mesh
anim idle	models/md5/props/cape/idle01.md5anim
anim af_pose		models/md5/props/cape/af_pose.md5anim
anim death	models/md5/props/cape/af_pose.md5anim

entityDef atdm:dynamic_cape
"editor_displayFolder"	"Moveables/Wearables"
"spawnclass"			"idAnimated"
"model"					"dynamic_cape"
"joint"					"Spine2"
"origin"				"-2 -2 0"
"angles"				"0 90 90"
"start_anim"			"idle"
"ragdoll"			"cape"

entityDef atdm:env_cape
"inherit" 						"atdm:af_entity_base"

	"editor_mins"					"0 -0.5 -12"
"editor_maxs"					"40 0.5 0"
"editor_usage"		 			"Ragdoll for cape"
	"editor_displayFolder" 			"Ragdolls"

"nodrop"						"1"
"model"							"dynamic_cape"
"joint"					"Spine2"
"origin"				"-2 -2 0"
"angles"				"0 90 90"
"articulatedfigure"				"cape"
"frobable"					"0"


& here's the map spawnargs:

// entity 4
"classname" "atdm:ai_proguard_02"
"name" "atdm_ai_proguard_02_5"
"copy_joint Head" "controlhead"
"copy_joint Neck" "controlneck"
"def_attach2" "atdm:dynamic_cape"
"def_head" "atdm:ai_head_proguard_no_helmet"
"offsetHeadModel" "0 0 0"
"origin" "-40 64 -64"
"skin" "characters/proguard_02/no_cape"
"team" "0"


& a crappy screenie:



I tried the ragdoll but it just stays in place & then flies off after a KO or death & it's stiff (crappy af but I can't get it to work).


The problem with the animated version is it keeps being animated after KO or death but it attaches very nicely.


I might try a version for the old rig so ppl can test.

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Thats awesome :blink:






Gamers Outreach, a nonprofit that uses videogames to raise money for chairty.


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We had talked about attaching ragdoll accessories a while back. There's nothing stopping it from being done, in principle, but the performance impact would be quite large for what is a fairly minor cosmetic effect. I suspect a pre-animated cloak would be quite difficult to pull off in a way that looks believable when an AI sits, runs, or leans forward.

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I could see it working for something small like a pony tail (and it probably wouldn't have to be animated, could just be a ragdoll bound on). Something so large as a cape seems like it would look unbelievable in a lot of situations, like if the AI goes ragdoll and falls off of something, or goes into water, etc. I would love to be proven wrong if a good ragdoll can be designed for it, but it seems hard. It seems like something so large as a cape would need a lot of joints/AF bodies to look right.

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