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  1. EDIT: I see I've misinterpreted the clue due to a reload to before I picked another item up. I thought the clue about "not being able to breathe" meant I had to find a way to search the poisonous pit, since I was sure I had gotten the other one already ("but if it isn't checked off, maybe I'm still missing one...") Thank you Jedi and Bienie for your assistance. A nice, small but well-designed mission; lots of finding ways around locked doors, and technical things I don't think I've seen before. I did notice a lot of foliage popping in and out as I walked around, and the watcher security didn't seem to do anything
  2. I'm feeling particularly dense - I'm struggling with several objectives: how do I access the biohazard area? where are the tunes the winds play? (I searched the area behind the house but couldn't find anything) where are brother Gilbert's funds?
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