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  1. sorry, it is rare that people are playing and posting at the same time! I've completed the mission (thank you) and I think @Acolytesix is close pagan scrolls: #1: #2: #3: #4: I will wait to post secrets until someone needs help, so people can experience the joy of discovery
  2. I did not miss the service key, and the other missing objective was nearby. I managed to find all the secret areas! just not some obvious things. Another very fun mission in the Hidden Hands series! it was very tense for me, but very rewarding finding all the alternative routes Acolytesix, there is a note on one of the altars that must be read before you can place the stones
  3. it really was right there I still have trouble with obvious stuff in Dark Mod, like the facility door switches and buttons and stuff. Scroll #4 is where you mentioned, Acolytesix; #1 is in the open underground; not sure where 2 & 3 are yet. I used the stone, but that didn't open as large a path as I thought it would. I still need to What exactly did the fuses power? was it supposed to be the freight elevator? if so, I was able to use it before activating the generator
  4. I think you lost him game problems: I also experienced the crash at a certain switch; I found some vent grates very hard to get past and fell down an objective-relevant ladder a few times (had to noclip both). I heard another 'audio missing' beep when opening the freight elevator door (coming up from the lower floor). progression problems: I found a where do I use the key, and where do I find the matching stone?
  5. wowzers! I want to sleep tonight, so I won't push too far, but it looks great! I do get a strange beeeeeeeep in the first room, though, maybe a broken ambient sound?
  6. thank you @Kerry000, that's what I get for playing too late at night and trying to pick it back up a couple days later! once I realized you were using tiny custom buttons for secrets I was able to get a couple more (I swear I found the 5th, but can't remember it...); still not sure how to get from I look forward to the next installment! do we find out why there's a coal shortage, or
  7. I need to find a way to deal with the Daltons, any ideas? investigating but I haven't found a way to open it. I would like a clue, please. as far as secrets I've found:
  8. uh-oh. I swear, I read that note but didn't find anything nearby... I don't really want to start over, so I guess its time to through the door
  9. unfortunately that console command does not show keys; I did some noclip flying about to look around for anything I'd missed, and found hidden stashes (I did not loot them) as well as keys I will need later (I did not take them). I'm getting frustrated, and I'm about to really cheat and just fly through the door without the key
  10. oh, this is tense! I am missing the key for the chapel office; thanks to ddaazzaa's guide I know the general area that it is in, but I can't find it! Can someone help me with a more exact location?
  11. this was a good first mission! I found the exterior quite plain, and the large central hall/staircase/banquet area boring, but the smaller rooms were much more interesting. I don't mean to be insulting or dismissive, but it is a common misstep for beginning authors to make huge areas with little of interest; from the other areas (and meta story) I'm sure your next FM will be even better
  12. Thanks for the pointers! Somehow I still missed 1500g; I had a great time finding how all the discreet areas were connected (peeking through windows, grates, etc) So often the scrolls are just props, I guess I forgot to look at that one. Having a double-trigger for a secret is fiendish! Is the music on the West side custom? I found it distractingly contemporary.
  13. *I've completed all the main objectives but one: find a clue. I found the item it will point me to, but I still need a hint *I got two "discoverable" objectives and completed them: What is the third? *I know I missed some things in the Builders' admin building and need pointers:
  14. There is some dodgy construction going on. Land developers these days, no eye for quality just in a rush to get it built fast and cheap:
  15. just starting, trying to not be spoiled about what is to come, so I shall ask: in the apartments,
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