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  1. prjames, I swear I looked right at both switches earlier but couldn't see them. Maybe it was ambient light.
  2. I will echo all the praise given; the constructive criticism I had has already been stated so I won't retread. I did experience a crash trying to lean through the shop door, but didn't try it elsewhere. When I couldn't pick up the bottles in room 3 I was confused, but the answer has been laid out here. I've found one more secret: I think that's 4/5 found between us now? I'm looking at the bookcase, but can't find a way to open it
  3. this is just what I needed, thank you for you time and energy! is there a way to minor bugs: really bad LOD popping of tree models all over map, and a completely white compass (which seems to be an issue with all FMs)
  4. this was a delightful little map, thank you so much for it! I got about half the secrets; I couldn't if those are part of the total. Hints, please?
  5. Entering the pibrary, the door was locked; exploring a bit, I heard a noise and there was now an AI in the hallway by the stairs down and the door was closed and unfrobbable. Maybe it close the door behind it? I tried reloading, but there might have been a condition in the save; I will try restarting - or could just noclip through I suppose
  6. the room in the library was locked until a trigger event, and now the door is unfrobbable. Is there another way in, or is this a bug? I checked outside, upstairs, the window... (also, the rain seems to come through the overhang above the front door)
  7. a couple sound-related questions: Can I turn up player sounds, like footsteps? I feel like I'm being very quiet, but AI will hear me easily from across a room. Does environmental noise affect AI the same way it does the player (making it harder to hear footsteps, etc)?
  8. echoing all the sentiments, this is a great one! I cheated a bit (between tips here and noclip) and still didn't find everything - a sign of a densely packed area that rewards careful observation. looking forward to your next fm
  9. thank you for the great mission, and the nested hints! thanks also to the others here providing tips for those having trouble. I never got the display case at the front open, though the note said where was it?
  10. EDIT: I see I've misinterpreted the clue due to a reload to before I picked another item up. I thought the clue about "not being able to breathe" meant I had to find a way to search the poisonous pit, since I was sure I had gotten the other one already ("but if it isn't checked off, maybe I'm still missing one...") ? Thank you Jedi and Bienie for your assistance. A nice, small but well-designed mission; lots of finding ways around locked doors, and technical things I don't think I've seen before. I did notice a lot of foliage popping in and out as I walked around, and the watcher security didn't seem to do anything
  11. I'm feeling particularly dense - I'm struggling with several objectives: how do I access the biohazard area? where are the tunes the winds play? (I searched the area behind the house but couldn't find anything) where are brother Gilbert's funds?
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