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  1. I think this picture sums up what's on my mind today...
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  2. Works for me, it's been on.
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  3. I wanted to bring this up for discussion before filing a bug report as i'm unsure if this is just my setup or not. I will try to keep this concise for easier readability. The bug basically involves the "Natural" button in "Surface Inspector" Here is how you replicate the bug: 1) Create a brush of any size in DR 2) Apply any texture 3) Open up surface inspector 4) With the brush highlighted, press the Natural button 5) Keep pressing and watch the texture change on the brush So for example here is a brush with a texture applied
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  4. This reminds me of a similar glitch in siegeshop for a long time. In that case it was a decal to blame. The drawing of the catapult on the nearby desk was sitting on top of a dirt decal which was on the desk surface. At the time I believe I had stacked the patches 0.125 units above the desk and each other. From a certain distance and angle, in light, the dirt decal was rendering over the paper.
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  5. Oh and Harvey Smith (lead producer of Dishonored) isn't very happy today either:
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  6. For fuck's sake, stop. *Every post*, you seem to feel the need to tell us how liberal you are, only to then doubt your great liberal ideals. It's getting extremely boring at this point. As for Iran, well. There are two options. You can either bomb the country to hell, or you can try diplomacy. Given the absolute marvelous and fantastic track record the western world has with bombing and invading countries in the middle east, which has truly made the world a better and safer place in the past, forgive us that some of us Europeans favour a different approach this time. It's also funny
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  7. praise to the map builders out there. thank you
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  8. FFS, things just go from bad to worst. What's next, airborne HIV!?
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