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  1. Unique way to kill yourself in The Dark Mod : getting knocked over by iron gate when jump to death idea, death by drowning in a well , death by sitting atop a fire in the fireplace and death by stepping on an explosive mine are to basic...
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  2. Who is actually working on new missions right now? That I, the greatest mapper of all times (and I say this in all modesty, it is innate in me) am working on something epochal is clear to everyone by now. But who else is working on new missions? Please let me, your God, know, because it's so depressingly quiet here and I don't like to post pictures all the time, because even for me it gets a bit too boastful (although justified) with time.
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  3. Block out with FREEDOM and EASE using this "as license free as it gets" TDM prototyping material pack (Beta 2) Watch even the most basic blockout come to life in vibrant orange! How it works: Drop the ULTRA SLIM 1.3 mb .pk4 into your project's directory In DR a new folder "_Proto" will appear at the top the Darkmod textures sub directory in the media browser Don't know where to start? When simply sketching out ideas "Proto" is a perfect for getting down rough shapes and will handle 90% of prototyping needs (and is a lovely shade of orange) Need to prototype some SUPER ADVANCED GAMEPLAY? A spot of tile floor here, a beam for a rope arrow there? No problem! There are (hopefully) patterns for EVERY surface type in the game When it comes to the grid YOU are in CONTROL. You can manipulate the resolution of the grid using the default texture scale you have selected in the Surface Inspector. At a scale of 1.0 the overall pattern will repeat every 256 units with subdivisions at 128, 32, 16 and 8 units. At a scale of .5 the pattern will repeat every 128 units with subdivisions at 64, 16, 8 and 4 units. And so on. OLD FRIENDS return with two CLASSIC prototype textures completely reverse engineered from the ground up! All textures in this pack are released under CC0 license and I waive all rights to copyright that is within my power to do so. This is an initial release so any feedback on improving the tool is appreciated!
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