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  1. I for one welcome our new feminist overlords. And the new Thief looks stellar.
  2. And no word about The Dark Mod at all? Pass.
  3. I'll wait to vote till after some other ones come out. Very impressive that you made this, though. Quite unusual!
  4. I think this is amazing. Of course I would have been 2 y/o at the time they did this masterpiece.
  5. Oh my, I get to steal Nas's book of rhymes I hope. Well here goes.
  6. i just got through the intro. omg my senses are keener than i imagined. this mission is already excellent in several ways!!!!!
  7. i have a good feeling about this mission. its quite tingly.
  8. Haha you guys remind me of this guy. The Poet Aleister Crowley Bury me in a nameless grave! I came from God the world to save. I brought them wisdom from above: Worship, and liberty, and love. They slew me for I did disparage Therefore Religion, Law and Marriage. So be my grave without a name That earth may swallow up my shame!
  9. vunderbar, a cool guy finishes a cool mission. i will judge accordingly after a playthrough.
  10. I will play asap but download is kinda slow. 40 kb/s Edit* Nvm seems that site lets me sign in for free 300kb/s
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