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  1. No, we should just Shift Delete them all from our PCs and servers. We must act fast
  2. Dram

    Main Menu

    IMO it could either be a more defining font, or a different colour (grey-ish?).
  3. Dram

    Thief 4

    Thief: Untitled
  4. No-one else complained because they deemed it pointless to respond to such an inappropriate "graphical aid". In other words, no-one could be bothered responding.
  5. Seconded, cheers guys, I think now we start to realize why it was worth it
  6. Now you're getting it!
  7. NVidia 8800 GT or GTS are quite cheap now, and still very good. You can jump up one notch with the 8800 GTX, though that will be a tad more expensive. All three should work fine with dark mod. I personally have a 8800 M on my notebook, and an 8800 GTS 768mb on my PC back in Australia (moved to Czech Republic two weeks ago).
  8. Dram

    Thief 4

    In that sense, Deadly Shadows reflected the game quite well - you were no longer a thief, but a murderer.
  9. Dram

    Thief 4

    Hey, to be fair, Thief: The Dark Project is a pretty bad name as well Thief: The Metal Age sounds decent and normal, but the former...
  10. Well if it works pretty well now, then we can include it in the release, but I guess it can be a nice addition to release 2. I'm neutral on this one, I think it could be there but doesn't have to be.
  11. Dram

    Thief 4

    I think they will learn from the mistakes of T3, I believe they will actually make a good game this time, or at least I hope.
  12. Specifically, Maha_X allowed us to use bloom in TDM, and I added his code into the SDK and tweaked it a bit so it adjusts the brightness of light rays, glares etc when on. Unfortunately, it seems it does not work properly on some ATI cards. It is purely optional of course, and is default off. The problems like skybox not showing correctly, morphed view etc I am unable to fix.
  13. Well doom 3 does have animation blending, so it would be possible imo. Might be as simple as blend to a lying on floor animation. Something like ragdoll pose to kneeling pushup pose to get up and stand up pose. Also make an alternative where the guard goes to a sitting position instead then gets up. Could have it check the chest angle: * if aiming up, do sit up -> get up * if aiming down, do kneeling pushup -> get up * if on either side, do kneeling pushup -> get up * if the guard is in a seat (thus angle would be standing up), do get up Though there would probably be certain situations where it would not work correctly (crawlspace), but I guess if another AI is able to get to him to wake him up it would work, as there would be sufficient room and clearance for them both. Code-wise it is another matter, though I don't think it would be that difficult. Mind, this is just humouring the idea, it will most certainly not be in TDM V1.0
  14. Bohužel ne, akorát RedFace je slovák. To jo no, hodně ovlivnila evropská architektura můj styl
  15. Dram

    Thief 4

    It is almost impossible for them to have not seen TDM. In the most likely scenario, they have tried TDM. I do hope that T4 is good, I am in no TDM vs T4 situation here, because as I see it, they are going to make a singleplayer campaign, with possibly even multiplayer. Sure, FMs will probably be better based in TDM, as it gives the creator access to everything (enough so that you can create a modern setting level with equivalent tools if you wanted to), while T4 will most likely have an excellent campaign. So either way it will be worth getting, and will not de-rail TDM unless they go open-source or release a ground-breaking SDK. That is of course assuming they learnt from T3. I am actually glad it is being made, and don't really see a threat to TDM, but rather a welcome addition to the genre.
  16. You may want to search for a guide online to replace Vista with XP on your specific laptop. I know my laptop - a Gateway one, came preinstalled with Vista (which I hate with a cause...ironic that I must now use it at the company...gyah..), so my brother suggested a guide to installing XP on it instead, a step-by-step guide with links to working drivers. I did so, and although it took a while to do, it was definitely worth it.
  17. Jéé, další Čech V tomhle případu Češka Tady nás je nějak málo.
  18. Tad late, but mainly due to sorting out crap in CZ. Congratulations Komag, I hope your child lives a good life, and I hope he brings you and your lovely wife a lot of hapiness
  19. Good to hear, hope you enjoyed the demo
  20. It's basically because we are using DDS format for most of the textures, and at "Ultra" settings in D3 it will not use them, searching for uncompressed TGA's or BMP's instead.
  21. Dram

    Best AntiVirus?

    It has a proper windows interface now, and allows restoring/saving a full OS or HDD etc backup from/to DVDs or HDD or other removable media. I use it atm, and if I get a virus or any other OS stuff up, I just restore the backup. I have Norton Ghost v14
  22. It's a decent start. Look up some tutorials on how to uv map etc and you could get much better. Unfortunately in its present state we cannot use the model as it has no uv, no rigging etc. But thanks for the offer, I'm sure you'll continue to improve
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