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  1. Thanks for the kind words! I put a lot of effort into all aspects of my missions and also there's plenty of high quality help from Moonbo, Epifire, Grayman, Kingsal, etc who all really help to make this mission something special too. I like to add in side missions to really help pad out the space you explore and make the world feel more lived in, so it's nice to see that appreciated it. In terms of the difficulty I tried my hardest to tweak each to be the most suitable for their levels. Instead of only changing the amount of loot required I went through and changed enemies that you encounter and the amount of gear available too. That's an ongoing thing which I will always try to work at, it's hard because to some this mission is easy and to others its very difficult, so I always try to hit that middle ground. I am very flattered about being your favorite level creator, that means a lot to me, thank you! I understand my missions aren't for everyone, there are some haters even but I don't mind, the general consensus is that they're enjoyable experiences so if I can bring joy to people that's mission accomplished in my books! Thank you! I love that effect too, you can thank the very talented Obsttorte for making that magic happen. Originally I got the idea for flying loot from Dishonored, I think it works much better than just having loot disappear and reappear in your inventory. Awesome to hear you enjoyed your experience! I was a bit worried in the beginning about the humor being too over the top or too frequent, but so far i've only heard positive things so that's great! Act 3 is not too far off, my goal is for a summer release, hopefully around May. A lot of the work for it is already done too so it's simply a matter of building 2 new areas and then polishing whats already together and optimization. The player visits the city hub again except this time it's rainy and there are different places to explore. Because of the rain i've had to go through and really work on reducing those drawcalls but i've managed to get most scenes from 3000+ to under 1500 so far which is great because rain and fog tends to be a big performance hit.
  2. Congratulations on the release ERH+ This one looks really creepy!
  3. Thank you for that Nbohr1more. I'll link that into the main OP incase people are having issues too.
  4. All six secrets can be found. One is really hard to find. I dont want to reveal their locations just yet as I want to see if someone can find them all (then theyre free to reveal them of course).
  5. Did you know if you shoot a water arrow on a wall near or the roof above a guard with a torch, the wall will fall and it will douse the flame without alerting them?
  6. There was an oil lamp in there originally but it's light radius made it's threat ineffective. If I increased the light radius to make it light up enough of the room people would wonder "why is there a huge amount of light coming from this oil lamp?". It's a bit damned if you do damned if you don't. I chose the torch because I thought it looked great in the scene, added a bit more of a challenge then hitting a button to switch off an electric light and lit up the room well.
  7. Good point, but Judith hit the nail on the head in that this scene is more about spending a gameplay resource to remove the light. Thank you! There are three more missions left in the series, two of which are full levels and one is an interlude mission. I'm unsure if they will all be bundled in Act 3 or if they will be spread out over Act 3 and Act 4.
  8. Its just part of the nature of game design. Theres nothing in there which I could see would break it. Once you frob the audiograph player it activates the speaker and and sound file rolls in. In the script which spins the roll in the back theres nothing further referencing the speaker. Theres no other entity targeting it either so I dont understand how it stopped. I personally have listened to those files play out probably a hundred times without any stopping (minus the quick save, escape or walking away thing), no testers had issues either. I really dont know sorry. There have been stoppage issues since 2.03 apparently though. http://bugs.thedarkmod.com/view.php?id=4341
  9. That bug has been in TDM for a longtime. If you press escape or quick save in the middle of either a sound file playing or during the delivery of an AI conversation line it cuts itself off. I also found during testing if you walk too far away the sound file stops too. If you quick load it will start playing from the point you quicksaved thats the only resolution I found there. But if you hit escape it just wont play unless you load a save game from before you activated the speaker entity.
  10. - Yes all six secrets are working. In the past people complained about them being too easy. So I tried to make some of them much more difficult to find. One of them isnt tied to loot, its a location. - - I will look into it.
  11. Does wordpress support two step verification for login? I would feel more secure knowing we required a code sent to our personal email in order to be able to login. That way even if someone gained our login details they couldn't get very far unless they also had access to our email (which if you have gmail is very hard to do nowadays given the amount of security protection they use). Btw if anyone wants to check if their details have been leaked online a great resource I use is: https://haveibeenpwned.com/ It details what leaked databases your email address is apart of and to what extent the information was leaked.
  12. Author note: It's hard to believe it's already been a year since Act 1 came out! Well during this mission the player will be following Corbin into the Grimwood district to followup on a lead from last night (Act 1) .. the mysterious tablet! This mission is my first time including full EFX support as well as a HD briefing video file, additionally a new script has been added crafted by the talented Obsttorte which has loot flying towards the player when you pick it up. On a level design front I have tried to change things up a bit by really catering towards a number of play styles, this mission can be completely ghosted or you can use the tools at your disposal to wreak havoc on the citizens of Northdale. For the first time I have tried to create more sandbox environments which don't offer clear answers handed directly to you, so if you're having trouble figuring something out try a different method. This mission takes between 1 - 2 hours to finish depending on the difficulty you play on and how thoroughly you explore. I hope you enjoy your night in Northdale! - Goldwell Voice actors Fen Phoenix Goldwell Random_taffer Yandros Beta testers Amadeus Boiler's Hiss Cambridge Spy Chakkman Crowind Epifire Kingsal SquadaFroinx Custom Assets Andreas Rocha DrK Epifire Grayman Kingsal MalachiAD Obsttorte Sotha Springheel SquadaFroinx Purgator With special thanks to Epifire for creating a large collection of custom models, Grayman for helping out with coding, Kingsal for drawing the ingame map and Moonbo for his script revision on the briefing video. Available via in-game downloader MIRROR File Size: 417 mb EDIT: If you are having performance issues please consult this post by Nbohr1more which may address your issue http://forums.thedarkmod.com/topic/19936-fan-mission-shadows-of-northdale-act-ii-by-goldwell-20190320/page-2?do=findComment&comment=436271
  13. Has anyone else experienced this bug in 2.07, if you press escape or quicksave it mutes any AI who are in the middle of conversation.

    1. nbohr1more


      Spooks claims it was reproducible in 2.03:



    2. Amadeus


      Yes, and it also happened in 2.06 too. A specific mission that comes to mind is when I was playing grayman's The Warrens

    3. Goldwell


      Oh damn.. i've never noticed it before

  14. Alright we have plenty of testers now. So if any mods want to close this thread that would be appreciated as it's not necessary anymore. Thanks to all who posted here!
  15. Sure thing, and that should do us! I also have Epifire and Kingsal who signed up to beta test, so in total that will put us at 5 testers which is a solid amount. I will get a build compiled and ready and might be able to get that out to you guys this weekend. If not it will be Monday or Tuesday next week (at the latest). Keep an eye on your personal messenger inbox, as i'll be conducting the testing via that.
  16. Of course that's no problem! All i'm looking for are players to comment on the gameplay and flow of the mission, if any parts stood out as too hard or boring and if you spot any performance issues or bugs along the way to provide a screenshot of the area (so I can easily track it down).
  17. Hey everyone, Shadows of Northdale Act 2 is ready to be tested. This is the sequel to Act 1 so I am looking for testers who have played that mission. Please respond to this thread if you are interested, we will begin testing early next week (probably monday or tuesday) and I will be sending out further details via personal message then.
  18. 137 bugs fixed. 58 remaining. Only 30% of bugs left until a beta build for Shadows of Northdale Act 2 is ready.

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    2. Goldwell


      No, luckily I have a computer that can count line entries for me ;)

    3. Dragofer


      My bug list always grows back once I've squashed them all.

    4. STiFU
  19. Another thing Ill add to this conversation is that I feel that some people forget to just laugh it off. If I see someone spewing nonsense online I just laugh and think what a dickhead! And move on. Whats the point in being offended about what internet strangers say? If its not a personal attack it doesnt really effect you. Censoring opinions and wrapping yourself in bubble wrap is not only a boring way to live life, but you're going to miss out on a lot of interactions and knowledge. I have friends from all over the political and religious spectrum, some of us very strongly disagree in certain areas but we are able to communicate like adults and discuss different ideas and concepts. That doesnt poison the well of your thoughts, it just provides insight into how someone else is the way they are. If we all thought the same, life would be pretty damn boring wouldnt it?
  20. The engine does support that. You can set health on each entity and then what model it has when it breaks. So you could have an indoor electric light that when struck with an arrow makes a glass breaking noise and then switches to a broken glass model. The stopping factor here is that most authors dont turn this on or use this feature much.
  21. What about a blueprint or a parchment or something in the center? Because you have the gear in the background, and the hammer and spanner too which represent the guild so a blueprint/design sort of logo in the middle might cover the creation aspect of the guilds ethos. Either that or something like a moon crest or wolf or something just so its not blank in the middle. I think the rest of the design looks great around that. Its just nailing that center bit.
  22. Its looking a lot better now, but Id change that middle icon to something else.
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