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  1. believe me, the bone angles are VERY critical and can be VERY fussy. y-up and z-up DO NOT get along.
  2. Well, I started these a long time ago. They need to be finished. Got the bases in game now. Pretty much had them done and the normals baked. But I had to make size versions. I also want to make a few separate pieces so they can be broken/falling down. Now that I made 4 sizes that's a bit of work to do Probably a base/a top/a middle section and an 'end' section. ugghhh. Also need to export the high and possibly a lower poly versions for LOD... see why I gave up? lol. was also working on a fancy scroll top but wasn't getting good bake for that so... Also needs skins. this is just a normal texture that can be used simply by replacing the normal of any stone texture (that is square) for a new skin. The materials could also be used on patches for custom sizes (the middle is one texture, the top and bottom are on another) ==edit== lol, i was bored so i did more tonight. Set up the segments for the huge pillar. Huge pillar back left, pillar bottom and top with a patch on the right, 4 pieces in the front (bottom, top, end and middle [end and middle have difference in normals])
  3. ^ *I think he was not using normals in that last pic due to earlier problems
  4. Did you move the bones any to fit her face? Whatever it is she doesn't look to happy about it.
  5. Looks pretty good. You should 'turn' the edge on her earlobe, that pinches in a weird way. And have you tried inverting the green channel of the normal map? That's how you fix them when they are wrong (if that's the issue, makes light seem to come from wrong side, Spring mentioned it above) -------- Looks like some verts aren't weighted to me. They are staying in place while the head bone has moved backwards with the character. You'll have to weight the mouth bones to to their bones, other wise they will barely move when she speaks. (they will only move 10% as far as the bones do). That's why the lips should be 100% lipbone, then next row towards head can be blended 50/50... The more rows you have the more increments you can use. I think most of the characters were done in Maya, but like i said before. The weights will vary head to head depending on number of verts and whatnot, you need to weight that head specifically to how it will deform the best.
  6. Did you apply one smoothing group to the entire head? That sharp ridge down the nose seems to imply that the verts weren't welded or have 2 different smooth groups. Also wouldn't hurt to tone down your lighting, seems you have no world ambient light and a really really bright white light which makes it hard to see anyway. Plus you need to test in 'real world conditions': ie- have a world ambient light so half her face isn't pitch black.
  7. Conan wasn't a thief. But he always seemed to be looting some exotic location Savage Sword of Conan, I had a bunch of issues of that at one time.
  8. @Moonbo, I was never aware of 2 and 3 so I took a look. 2 shows through walls, but not lights hitting tris through walls. Those always show in lightcount 1. I'm really not sure what the benefit of using that would be. It seems to show you the tris (through walls) that are being hit by the lights. And to do so it 'multiplies them on top of the tris you are seeing normally. ======== so lightcount 1: Shows all rendered tris and how many lights are hitting them at once. this is comparable to show_tris 1. it only renders the tris the player sees directly. But it gives an accurate count of actual lights on tris. (white is BAD: 5+ lights on that tri) Even aqua (one light less than white) will hit perf. but white will kill it. This doesn't mean a light in an unrendered zone isn't hitting the tris that are rendered because it could be, and it IS included in the light count. it also doesn't mean that lights in your zone aren't hitting tris in other areas, they very well could be also. But that doesn't matter anyway if none of them are being hit by enough lights to turn them white . ------------ count 2: This is like show_tris 2, it is showing everything that is in cue (even stuff that is culled due to player not seeing it - overdraw/whatever) What makes the light colors worse (but not accurate) is that it is showing all these tris to the player. With showtris-2 they can just draw more lines. i guess since the colors make it hard to see anything (unlike lines on top of the rendering) their only choice was to do a sort of overlay of the tris. So if you have a wall (with window player can see through) and that wall is hit by 3 lights. The wall outside the window is being rendered and also being hit by 3 lights. So to see the light count on both walls they are overlayed, so the wall in front (with window) appears to be hit by 6 lights (3 for front wall, 3 for back, 6 where they overlap). So in this view it looks bad, but that's not how the lightcount /rendering actually works. Of course your FPS should drop more because the engine starts rendering more when it's turned on. Just like with showtris 2, you're forcing the engine to do more work and render stuff it would usually cull (plus all the extra lines). So like i said, i'm not sure what's actually useful, or if it is at all. but it's not needed imo. if you keep your lightcount down by using lightcount 1 you will have good perf.
  9. Can't say I agree that random slamming of door would be that bad. But I don't wait for them to play the close door anim to bj (if i bj at all). Maybe it should just be hard difficulty? I also don't think only guards should do it. Some guards are lazy...
  10. That tool in max for copying weights only works from the same mesh to the same mesh (they have to have identical number of verts, or you'll get weird results like you got). You save uv's, detach from bones... reload uv's. ------------- You just need to put a texture on the face that has the same name as your 'shader'. that's in the mtr file that descirbes the shader 9ie: where the diffuse, normal, spec map are, tm lighting info...) Ai texutres themselves go into : dds/models/md5/chars/... (only diffuse and spec dds, the rest go in same path without dds in front of it : ie/ normal and editor image) -------- As far as skinning, imo the easiest way is to select all verts and attach them 100 percent to the head bone. This makes sure everything is connected. it's clean and quick. Then get specific. ie: choose left eyeball verts, attach them 100% to left eyeball bone. (thus detaching from the head bone) then you just have to figure the other out. If you have enough verts in rows you can progress from one bone to the next.ie: eyelids verts are 100 % on the eyelid bones, but the next row towards the head is just 50% on the eyelid (which leaves the headbone at 50%) takes a little practice but not hard once you get it down.
  11. you can also make a shadow mesh from worldspawn so...
  12. are verts on the back of head welded? Does the head have a collision model in it that might have a hole in it? That hair with collision would cover?
  13. Sounds great. I dig #7, random behaviors really make the game more believeable.
  14. I have it on disc somewhere. Was fun right up to the sky dive, can't control, can't finish game if you can't pass this annoying f'ed up part of the game.
  15. then why is it listed under Linux games on steam and Valve did a big promotion and you get a promotion item in TF2 when you play on linux?
  16. I thought it was cool to be able to write on a map in T2. However I don't think I used it more than a dozen times in as many years. Original thief missions never really required it, a lot of fan missions had 'brilliant puzzles' that anyone could figure out (according to the authors) that I could never figure out... I bought Riven a long time ago and loved jotting notes down in the included diary, but they were needed, and I didn't play that game in the dark, nor did it really interrupt the action.
  17. If you just want to do the full process allowed you could also make low meshes for LOD. Wouldn't be much more than removing the bevels from each stone and maybe make the bars simple cubes. Though not necessary imo. I can also give you a hand with def files and whatnot to set them up if you go that route. Nice model and variation though, i can see them being very useful.
  18. Nope, Spring mentioned ai trying to throw rocks through windows...a few posts up.
  19. Nice!, I have been meaning to add some of that type of window to my current project but I keep making buildings and I keep NOT making those windows.
  20. You can always make moonbeams coming in the windows too (of course only on one side, moonbeams aren't omni-directional). That will making sneaking along the windows on one side a bit tougher (maybe put a good purse of loot on a bench over there ) Looks great though. ---- The shots above look great too, but the thing that bugs me about the tavern is too many ceiling beams. There are as many beams as there are wood planks across the top of them. I'd say get rid of every other one and it will look much better. Love the fact that you used small pieces of wood for the railings. I hate when people use thick beams all along a railing. (it's just a railing, not a structural piece)
  21. I actually wouldn't mind if the rock throwing was tuned down. They pull a rock almost immediately from nowhere, then they keep throwing them every 3 seconds. At some point it gets a bit silly (usually by the time one ai has thrown 2-3 rocks. 5 ai throwing rocks.... Give up and walk away already... Or bend down and grab a rock off the ground or something! Yell -'And don't come back' ' chicken' ...
  22. Finally got it installed under a virtual box and got steam installed. Loaded TF2. It crashes on start up.
  23. Good thing, looking forward to seeing what you make.
  24. Fuck football team X and i'll say it again. Fuck Linux. Just tried to install on my laptop and had to jump through hoops for 2 hours. tried to install on a VM, but the Ubunutu site just hangs when i try to DL the iso (I do have it at home on a usb, but not with me). So I got the wubi again. Installed and had the same issues. Updated. Jumped through hoops and tried every command I found on Steam user forums. Got steam to start to install, then the entire system just hung. Reboot and if i try to boot up ubunutu now i get a purple screen for 20 seconds, then my monitor shuts down. It won't even boot now. ----- OK, technically an OS isn't to simplify the users experience, the GUI is, but you know what I mean. Coding, commands, might as well be the same thing to a regular person. if you don't know the commands they are pretty hard to use. Sure, you can go on web and beg people to help you do simple things. they will always say sudo get-shit then you have to respond again... wut? sudo? WTF then they tell you to type that in terminal then you have to type WUT? terminal, wtf? THEN they will tell you how... then it doesn't work so you ask again and someone else tells you to type something else... After 20 posts of this your computer hangs and you have to uninstall. in several years of being on Win7 now i have only used commands to check my internet routing to see where the slowdowns were happening. that's it. I can install programs, uninstall, format, partition, surf the web, game.... Like i said, if Linux wants to stay in the past it will stay off my machine, why should it be this much hassle to install a simple program. if i wasn't bored out of my mind tonight i wouldn't have even given it another shot. ---------- So MY experience of Steam on linux... it completely BLOWS.
  25. No, you didn't say typical windows user but that was YOUR tone in YOUR first post before I made ANY replies. Fuck Linux was as a much sarcasm as anything but it got you guys all wound up. believe me I have tried to give Linux a chance several times and everytime it ended up being a major pain. So this time I really am not interested in trying to figure out how to make it work AGAIN. I just wanted to see if i could install Steam EASILY. I already posted I tried the Steam dl .deb AND the Linux dl of steam. Once again. OS 'es ARE programmed 9or at least should be- Windows and Mac are) so users don't have to type code to get simple things to work, that's progress. if linux wants to hang out in the past and make everyday users lern to prgrm then it's always going to be the same old story. it' the same reason a lot of people don't like TDM, they don't want to map. They want to PLAY. Can you blame them? And really, comparing using a computer to driving where you need a license? I car is a large mechanic object that can maim and kill people if not operated properly. Do you have to build a car before you drive it? Do you have to learn to tune it? NO, you turn a key and push the gas pedal. Even cars are easier to operate than Linux. I guess Ford is doing something wrong by making their products easy for the consumer to use. ---------- Still back to the original subject. Steam is now available (only to smart people though) on Steam. Anyone try it?
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