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  1. I found this a nicely balanced mission. Lock picking was audible over the soundtrack, game-play was straightforward with zero lag on full settings, and the map was well done. Nothing really jumped out and struck me, but I like my missions on the dark side anyways. Overall, great job.
  2. Ah, frig. I'm going to pick up my new 6 core Linux box and won't be back until the 12th. Good luck with the mission - I look forward to playing
  3. Congrats on the release. Thanks for adding the fog - it spruces up the start area 100 % Darned good job with the sound as well
  4. Sure - PCLinuxOS 2010.07 32 bit, Sabayon 5.3 64 bit / intel E4600 / nvidia 9800gt /
  5. I agree to a point with Sotha, but I never find cave missions to be believable ( or overly enjoyable ) most of the time. The mission played very smoothly from start to finish with straightforward gameplay and enough mantling / side trackiing to keep things interesting. Usually with these missions I get frustrated trying to see where to go in the dark and overly difficult mantling - none of that here I did find the map a bit easy, but enjoyable from start to finish. Nice job in a short time.
  6. The final beta looks good to me. I have a small sound glitch with my 64 bit distro where I have to restart the game after the inital install to get sound, but it is not specific to this mission :)

  7. I'm game if you need a Linux tester. PCLinuxOS 2010.07 32 bit, Sabayon 5.3 64 bit / intel E4600 / nvidia 9800gt / .
  8. No problem, it's working fine with 64bit Sabayon anyways. Do you have a rough timeline on the next version, so that I know when to update my 32bit distros ?
  9. Worked like a charm, thank you very much.
  10. Running 64 bit Sabayon I have perfect sound in Doom3 after editing line 154 of DoomConfig.cfg to read seta s_alsa_lib "libasound.so.0", however I have no sound in Darkmod. Editing darkmod/DoomConfig.cfgdoesn't work either as the line reverts back to seta s_alsa_lib "libasound.so.2" after running tdmlauncher.linux
  11. The 32 bit version replaces itself with the 64 bit version and a mirrors list and nothing else on my system. TDM is still unplayable on my 32 bit distros
  12. Awww come on over here Robert, I've got a nice big hug for you.
  13. Don't squeeze him too hard, I doubt the little pencil necked tard has much blood flowing to his head to start with.
  14. Thanks demagogue. This mission looks and plays exactly like Thief3 should have. The fact that it plays smooth at full settings on my Arch Linux desktop is awesome. The lockpicking, blackjacking, visuals, and sneaking are spot on. It is an absolute pleasure to have fun playing fan missions once more. Thank you.
  15. Now that the first missions are out of the way, how many new ones are in the works and how far along are they ? Also will they be hosted on thiefmissions.com and thief-thecircle.com ? Damn, the first ones were so good I want more
  16. dlopen - dlopen(libasound.so.2) asoundlib version: 1.0.21a Alsa is available ------ Alsa Sound Initialization ----- opened Alsa PCM device default for playback device buffer size: 5644 frames ( 67728 bytes ) allocated a mix buffer of 49152 bytes The easiest way to generate console output is to simply run ./doom3 in Konsole from your doom3 directory.
  17. I'm running Doom3 natively, although I'd like to run it via the Steam client just for kicks
  18. during DOOM 3 initialization... WARNING: CVar 's_driver' declared multiple times with different initial value WARNING: file sound/tdm_sfx_impact.sndshd, line 425: sound 'small_metal_impact' previously defined at sound/tdm_sfx_impact.sndshd:77 WARNING: sound subsystem disabled Sound works every time if I have Steam running in the background. Exit the steam client and the bug is instantly reproducable with both ALSA and Pulse audio sound systems.
  19. I can confirm the same issue, but it has went away. I will try to reproduce it later.
  20. -OSsda - WinXP,Linux Mint, Pardus Linux, Debian, Sabayon Linuxsdb - Ubuntu, PCLinuxOS, Mandrivasdc - PC-BSD, Mepis Linuxsdh - Chakra ( Arch ) Linux, CrunchBang Linux- IntelĀ® Core2 Duo CPU E4600 @ 2.40GHz , 3 gig RAM- nvidia 185.18.36 driver on an 8600GSCurrently running on Chakra Linux with max settings, running fine Tested on Mint and Ubuntu with similar results. I had an issue with the sound dissapearing, but it's good now.
  21. Yeah, typo on my part - I should have said move. I can't believe how smooth these missions are playing given the graphics quality. I have my Arch Linux partition on an external usb drive with the settings cranked in Dark Mod and the missions still play as smooth as silk.
  22. I can't seem to frob the chalice, any hints anyone? By the way, very nice job on this mission
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