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  1. I am a moron. A stupid mistake - I saved a .script file in the wrong directory, so my change didn't get picked up. Damn computers, they do exactly what you tell them to! The GUI to C++ path works fine now. Sorry about that.
  2. When the user clicks on an object in the "Items for Sale" column, several things have to happen: put the item in the "Items Purchased" column (if it wasn't there alerady), or increment the count if it was there already, decrement the count of that item in "Items for Sale" (or remove it if it the count is down to 0), decrement the Gold value by the cost of the item. I was planning on doing all of this in the C++ code, by modifying C++ variables and then updating the GUI by calling SetState* methods on the various defs of the GUI object (the idUserInterface object). So, I want to invoke a C++ me
  3. I've started prototyping this. Some things are making sense, some things I'm struggling with. But before I start asking questions, should I be working with vanilla D3 SDK, or with DM? I'm currently using D3 and if that's the right thing for now, that's fine. But if I should be using the DM toolkit, I'll switch over (once someone points me to the source, etc.). And, I might as well ask my question. I've got code in C++ that creates and initializes a test GUI, but I can't figure out how to invoke the C++ code when the user performs actions in the GUI (like, buys an arrow). I've looked at scrip
  4. New Horizon - Now I seem to have correct access to the Contributor forums. Thanks! Ishtvan, Springheel - thanks for all of your ideas and suggestions -- please keep them coming if you think they'll help me. Some of the questions you raise are issues I had thought of too, so at least I'm starting to get my head around what needs to be done. I'll grind away in learning/experimenting mode for a little while, then maybe write up a short design doc, encapsulting these ideas.
  5. Springheel - If you've got the Purchase Screen GUI components ready for me, go ahead and send them along. Even if it's just a work-in-progress, that'll give me something I can play with. If not, that's okay too. New Horizon - Now I see the Contributors forum, with a "No topics were found. This is either because there are no topics in this forum, or the topics are older than the current age cut-off." message. There is only one topic ("No Topics Here"). My date range is set to all. Am I supposed to see or have access to anything else? joebarnin
  6. So, how about if I start with vanilla D3 SDK and see how far I can get. If I start running into issues that require the DM codebase, then I can upgrade. Does that make sense? Also, I'm currently on version 1.3 of D3 and the D3 SDK. Should I upgrade both to 1.3.1?
  7. That's great, because which graphics I should use (and how to do GUIs in general) were on my list of a jillion questions. I'll let you know when I get to that point! Thanks, Jeff
  8. The pre-mission equipment store project sounds perfect! I don't have any particular areas I want to work on, and that sounds like a great first project. But I'm a bit confused, Ishtvan. It sounds like you want me to work on the vanilla D3 SDK to start with. But then you say that the DM inventory system different from the one in D3. So, should I code to vanilla D3 to start with, then port to DM once it's done? I'm fine with that, I just want to make sure I understand. No doubt I will have one jillion other questions (*Gasp* "Sir, that's not a number." *Gasp*) as I proceed, but for now I can
  9. I just realized in my original email I wrote "I'm not offering my services as a modder". What I meant to say was "mapper". Sorry, when you're 48 you start making mistakes like that. :-) Sorry about the lack of sample code. Almost all of what I've done recently is for work, and I'm wary of making that public without heavily obfuscating it. But if need be, I can. joebarnin
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