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  1. Thank you, gentlemen. The link by Tch does not work. Now we have identified to type of the alarm noise. I suppose the submarine diving alarm is the most nice, but air raid will also be fine. Submarine diving: http://www.policeint...m/sounds/k1.wav The mechanical bell is a bit boring since everyone gets used to it in schools. How should I proceed now? Can someone make a sound effect for me/TDM or should I just pluck a sound from the net? That probably leads to copyright problems with my mission and I don't want that. Is there any free sound effect repositories I could use without problems?
  2. I just went through our sound assets and couldn't find a sound suitable for an alarm system. I've no idea what a victorian-era-steam-powered-alarm-system would sound like, but thiefs 1 & 2 have alarm sounds which might be a good place to find inspiration. I don't have the skills for a sound effect creation feat, unfortunately. At any rate, surely a sneaking game like this should have an alarm klaxon? I'd need one too for my mission. If some sound-creation-capable individual could create or point me to one, I'd me most appreciative and happy. Thanks!
  3. Sounds like I have my first fan! Thank you very much for your nice feedback in here and in The Glenham Tower thread as well. I am very pleased that my work has provided you with enjoyable moments. Thanks again!
  4. The vertical contest has made me think about map verticality gameplay consequenses and I'd like to ask, just out of curiosity more than else, the following question: Will the AI ever be able to climb ladders? Is this planned behavior? The answer has some special meaning for the mappers gameplay-wise. At present, ladders are basically a safe-zone. Enemies will not approach from the ladder's direction. Ladders alleviate tension, since it is a guaranteed escape route for the player, as opposed a good ol' staircase where the AI can pursue the player freely. Thus for gameplay reasons ladders should be placed sparingly, not to make things too easy. AI climbing a ladder in a normal no-alert-level patrol mode would certainly change this as danger can approach the player from the ladder as well. On the other AI's climbing ladders probably provides nasty AI exploit opportunities. So, what is the teams take on this?
  5. Here's my view. It may contain some spoilers:
  6. Looks really nice! I wish I could do something like that, but as they say: some people have it and some people don't.
  7. Sotha

    The Creeps

    Heh. Nice thing to get the thread back to topic. Maybe the magnificent and noble new title will bring in new people joining the discussion. But still... I kinda feel the title 'The Creeps' still fits somehow the discussion we have going on here.
  8. I have to disagree with this totally. The comparison with religion with science is unfair. You should keep in mind that science provides us with a method to formulate predictable models with which to understand the reality. And exploit it. Beliefs do not provide this function. Science cannot provide answer to everything. All it basically does is to explain rationally phenomenons we encounter. You cannot present any kind of rubbish as a scientific high-probable (fact), as you need to back you claims up with multiple experiments with supporting observations. In beliefs the situation is entirely different, you can make any claim and everyone should accept it as anyone can believe in anything. They are entirely different things. Depends if the room is properly visportalled, whether the chair is there or not.. But seriously, c'mon! This isn't very practical approach. Philosophy of this type can only provide us with meaningless difficuly as we cannot really rely on anything. Sure, it makes nice party talk and we sound clever, but in practical things it is useless: "Woo, I could actually be a butterfly only DREAMING I am a human." It's better to stick to the facts you know that will work and proceed onwards from there. So it is okay to allow people being deliberately misguided? It is okay for me to allow people to believe what they want as long as they are given the correct information and then they get to choose. But forcing irrational beliefs to people in school as scientifically proven facts is entirely different thing, don't you think.
  9. Everyone is most welcome to join these contests, but time is running out and it would require a heroic concentrated effort to make a map now from scratch, especially if you're creating your very first map. There certainly will be contests like this in the future, so maybe you should play some existing maps made by others and learn from them, gather some DR experience and then you're ready to kick some butt in the next contest! And nothing, of course, prevents you from creating cool missions in the meantime. Start small and simple. It's better to have a small, tense, good looking and fun mission, than a huge mission which is crappy.
  10. The information I am accumulating about your wife makes her a really interesting person... @Bikerdude: You can really easily use the site Nielsen mentioned or imageshack. Imageshack doesen't even need registration. Just select the files and upload. you can upload several images at once. The system provides you with a forum link which you can copy paste here for the images to work. Really easy. I've not used photobucket so I don't know if it has the same features. Probably these are pretty standard stuff. If you have many images, you could combine them into a few images, like 5-10 prefabs per image and upload those.
  11. There is certainly no ultimate truth, but science is not a belief system, which could be compared to religions. This seems to be frighteningly common conception. Beliefs do not require any kind of experiments or justifications for itself, but science requires well proved base. Certainly. But but in the spoken language we can talk about facts. I am a practical man, and it gets highly tediuos of saying 'with high probability' at all times. But the highly-probables (facts) build up. And with a pile of facts we can understand the universe far better. We can say we know a fact when we understand something natural well enough to do some nice application for. Like electricity. We probably will not reach the one-and-only-truth, but we can understand the secrets of the universe well enough to master it. With science. We talk about the same thing, but use different words. A humanist! How wonderful! I really think you should go back a bit in this thread. I'm sure there is a lot of material there you'll find most interesting.. A good rule, except that you have to rely on something. It's truly a shame that almost no one abides it. I suppose it is a human quality.
  12. @bambini: I suppose fingers will be pointing at least at me, for it was at least my hand on the lever labeled 'highjack thread.' There were many hands there, so I am uncertain who pulled the lever in the end. Could have been me. I don't know about prejudice and paranoia you're mentioning, but I've been monitoring this thread ever since the highjacking to the religious context. Really interesting stuff, because of the fundamentally different aspects. The different sides can barely understand each other. For me this thread is about understanding why people with religious background think the way they do. I have already learned many useful things! For Spring, I think it is the enjoyment of a intellectual discussion (correct me if I'm wrong). What would be the best weapon against prejudice and paranoia, than good clear non-censored discussion? Without discussion, prejudice and paranoia will increase as we have no hope of understanding the other party. @Sneaksie: I loved the cats in your video. They are much more intelligent beings than they are given credit for. The song was annoying. @Jdude: The question was not aimed at me, but since I'm still here, here is my take on the topic: I suppose it is the thing that faith is simply not rational. You are believing something without any kind of verification, experiment, or something like that. People with faith just choose to believe what it reads in a holy book. Or the doctrine of their chosen faith. It could be fairies painting the leaves or a white bearded man sitting on a cloud. Faith's idea is to attempt to give us answers to the things we do not yet understand. As we gain knowledge, we can drop the bizarre beliefs we have and stick to the facts we have learned. It is dangerous to have people who function fundamentally within the guidelines of the bizarre beliefs. They do not know the facts and they do tend to stick to the old information. If this kind of people reach decision making positions, there will be trouble. Everyone may get harmed by the bizarre beliefs of this one person. Beliefs would NOT be dangerous, if people would accept new information and facts, re-adjust themselves with the new knowledge. The problem is that strongly religious people tend to stick to conservatism and thus it may even be in their interests to impede the spreading of the new knowledge. I believe that if I would take a copy of Harry Potter -books and teleport it in the past, the religious people of our time could be saying 'alohomora' instead of 'amen' and praying for protection against Voldemort instead of the devil. Needless to say how rational the above is... But it may give some insight.
  13. Yep. Proof: The Glenham Tower was created in 20 days. The Beleaguered Fence was created in 26 days. For me, focused bursts of obsessive mapping is the only way I suppose.
  14. This is my very first time to do this, but I volunteer!
  15. I'm glad you had fun! You're the first one to mention the paintings. I thought it would elaborate the way how the undead hate the living, ripping and smudging their faces. No problems. I enjoy reading how people perceive my missions. It helps me improve. Thank you!
  16. Yes! It reminds me of a mission in some of the hitman-games. There was this druglord playing cello. Bach (my favourite!), if I remember correctly. That was delightful. I wish we had an army of people with excellent animation skills and plenty of free time...
  17. I wish I knew some actresses.. I wish I had a decent falsetto.. C'mon people! I'm sure someone knows someone who knows someone!
  18. And a puzzle that you have to play the certain tune for a hidden door to open!
  19. Yes, and please remove the visible code block in the post. It somehow freezes my page loads for tens of seconds. The instrument looks really nice, but I've not yet had time to check it ingame. The instrument is not very large. Here's some reference images to see how it scales to a normal human:
  20. Duty as in the duty of a police officer, or a soldier's duty.
  21. I wouldn't trust those automatic translations.. But thanks anyway.
  22. And that everything is relative. They flea probably could not lift the things the man could lift, but only things compared to his own mass. Also it is a story of jealousy. Well obviously you're not, if learned it from somewhere else. Not boring. Maybe this kind of default improvised bedtime story.
  23. Hi! I'm glad you enjoyed the mission and thanks for voting. Thank you!
  24. Hey! Next time you have such burst of creativity and you're not sure what to to create, I'd love to have a nice cembalo or a harpsichord for my map.
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