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  1. Sounds like just the thing I need, but I could not get it to work. I thought that I mistyped something and then tried by copying your original setting from the alchemist map. It doesen't work. Summary of my experiment: *unlocked door with target CellThiefTeamChanger *func_static with name CellThiefTeamChanger *I have put the text above in the func_static *A team 5 AI with the name CellThug *A team 2 AI guard. *The AI's are standing facing closely in a well lit room *Moving the door does not cause violence. Is there a typo somewhere?
  2. Thanks but that sounds too complicated solution, since I'm making several cells with inhabitants. I tried full_clip and other textures, but couldn't get it to work: the guard always sees the inmate.
  3. -Changed the cell door texture to that. Does not work. The AI's still see each other.
  4. Running into trouble here, help is appreciated. Situation: *Need to make a prison with a) guards b ) prisoners *Guards are in the corridors, prisoners in the cells. *I need to have it so that the guards attack prisoners only if they are outside their cells. *I've set prisoners to team 0, they ignore the player and run away from guards. *As a design decision, I want to have bars on the cell doors in the prison thus resulting in guards seeing the team 0 prisoners in the cells and butchering them in their beds. Question: Is there a texture which the player sees through and the AI doesen't? Putting this kind of texture in between the cell-door bars would negate my problem: guards do not see the prisoners in the cells and if player sets the prisoners free, the guards will attack. I tried nodrawsolid, but AI sees through that. Thanks in advance for any help!
  5. The map I'm now working started out with a small idea: the main plot in a few words. After that I thought briefly about layout of the building and started from the exterior and worked inwards. I never bothered to draw a floorplan (but I should have!) but I compensated this by trying to be realistic. I first listed the types of rooms which should be present in the locale and then filled the empty areas with the rooms logically. Logically means how the rooms should be layed for the convenience of the inhabitants. So far everything has proceeded nicely. My recommendation for new mappers is the following: ALWAYS place a one AI-character nearby the area you are working on! Then build everything using the character as a reference. This way will not build houses for giants or hobbits. Keep in mind that you need to remove the AI before dmapping, if the area is not completed yet (sealed).
  6. Hi! I'm working on a new map and am going to describe my mapping progress in this thread. Everyone is most welcome to view and comment the content here. Even better, constructive feedback and help is also appreciated. Not to spoil anyone's fun, I'll be discreet of the mission specifics. Let's just say that the aim of the mission is to perform a jail break. Except that the player breaks in a jail rather than out of one. Mapping started 29.5.2010. At present I'm working on basic geometry and it is almost finished. Some screenshots for your enjoyment: http://img690.images...shot00001gc.png http://img16.imagesh...shot00002hb.png http://img268.images...shot00003xn.png
  7. It was interesting to walk around the map. It was so familiar, but still so different. Oh, an introduction seem to be in order. I'm Sotha. I was learning Dark Radiant by creating most of the geometry seen on this map. Once I encountered some serious hardware problems I had no time to work on it anymore and then Fidcal took over working the map. He definately deserves the credit for the map more than I. Anyways I have to admit that after many hours of gameplay I had to noclip to get forward. Missed some clue somewhere, I suppose. I also had a crash every time I tried to reload a save. Which in the end made me restart the entire map and noclip to the spot I was in before getting killed. Do not read the following before you've played the map, it will ruin your fun: The most coolest parts of the map were The not-so-cool parts were: *My geometry. After playing some other FM's it looked so... coarse. My excuse is that I was just learning DR at the time. *The map was way too large and it was easy to get distracted from the main goal. But anyway, I've certainly learned a lot from this and I'll be employing my lessons in the map I'm currently working on. And again, thanks for Fidcal for finalizing this.
  8. Indeed. Yesterday that picture induced a very fruitful mapping session and I'm quite pleased with the results.
  9. What a deadly weapon. I guess that if it played Rihanna or similar music, the enemies would undergo the splat -animation instead of simply dying.
  10. -There are so many stories in the world of entertainment anyway, causing even the most clever plots to use plot elements that are considered common. I guess the writers need to use some psychoactive drugs to augment their imagination to invent something entirely new at this point. It would be interesting to know what kind of training professional plot writers have.
  11. -Fantastic movie, showing what you can do with a dedicated (obsessed?) mind. For those who do not know, in the Pirkinning was done by a finnish group of only a few people, mainly in their own houses they converted into a movie studio with very small budget. You cannot call yourself a true Star Trek or B5 geek if you haven't seen this movie. It is quite fun and well done, if you take into account the few resources used on it.
  12. -Well the game respawned bad guys. Situation in which new enemies appeared out of nowhere just behind you was annoyingly frequent...
  13. -Sell it on ebay or something. Always more clever to get some profit instead of simply mindlessly breaking something. Oh dear, selling it might result in a little social event where you can secretly or openly despise the buyer. You get that AND you get money for it. A good deal, some might say.
  14. Welcome back. I tested that pvkII already. It's a step back from modern realistic online games, but still it is okay, not bad. I like the way swordplay is implemented, too bad the game is so fast that you never can quite use it. It's more simply running and slashing. I also wonder why pirate skirmisher's flintlock pistols suck so bad? They are only good for shooting almost dead players, from a distance. Luckily the powder keg balances this a little. My ranking of recent source modifications are Insurgency > Zombie Panic > PVKII. And about stalker. I don't want to talk about it. Crappy game with many foolish/idiotic features. It could have been so much better, but they blew it. I'd say that many game modifications and total conversions are far more better than stalker, for free. Stay away from it, is my recommendation.
  15. -I'd say his enthusiasm was refreshing, when compared to certain negative and grumpy attitude present in this forum. Some kind of balancing force, I might add. Excess enthusiasm of course might test ones patience every now and then, but the strain is much smaller than constant grumpiness/hostility.
  16. -Well. You certainly dug up some interesting conversations here. Somehow it is kind of ironic that of all your posts, an enthusiastic professional sport thread caused this reaction. Good luck with all your future endeavors.
  17. Well, we should not toss the axe in the well yet. I'd say that the mentioned is the future of all commercial gaming. Luckily there are always some people who are willing see a lot of trouble to create something genuine, clever and new with volunteer work. It seems reasonable to think that the amount of people unsatisfied with commercial games is increasing rapidly, as the gaming industry moves even further pleasing only half-witted idiots. And the gaming industry takes this into account by publishing tools to modify their games.
  18. -Agreed. However, I must say I'm happy that this kind of entertainment got Unstoppable excited and feel a sensation of achievement. I remember, when I was younger, how exciting Finland - Sweden world championship icehockey matches used to be. Nowadays I just don't care anymore; they are an acceptable excuse to drink beer with my buddies.
  19. -I played Oblivion for about ~200hrs, until I completed it. It definately needed some modding to make it more interesting. Oblivion was nice, but it contained several annoying features, such as scaling encounters (the player never needs to flee combat), broken economy (low level brigand has a glass armor, if you're high level), stupid AI (standing on a high box makes AI run around you, forever, yelling combat phrases), too few different monsters. Biggest annoyances, however, were -as Oddity commented- copy-paste dungeons. No thrill in investigating the same looking cave complex eleventh time. But I guess that is the problem with computer RPGs, they get very easily boring and repetitive. I'd rather play a tabletop RPG campaing with my friends, the GM can change the pace of things if the players begin to look bored, and the degree (or the illusion) of freedom is much more vast. Oh, and that is more ROLEplaying, compared to computer "R"PG:s.
  20. -Well, I don't complain since it runs perfectly on my older machine, so no "speed-boost" of 1.5x is required. And what comes into commercial games... Well, they want to get their money quickly, causing expedited publishing of the game. Afterwards they may fix the problems if the community complains enough. Battlefield 2 is a very sad example: initially it had a game server browser from hell and nowadays (when no updates are no longer expected) it is only horrendously crappy.
  21. -Hey! Thanks for the advice. I tried Insurgency and it truly is really good! Why bother to buy new games that need a monster machine, when there are FREE commercial quality mods for older games?
  22. -Damn straight, brother! Now why doesen't this work with micro$oft?
  23. That is a really old thing. I guess it was six years ago or something. I, however, have a happy recollection of myself laughing my ass off because of some silly flash movie. I'm not going to vote, as I've not played any of the games listed, and am not going to do so in the immediate future. Still we shouldn't complain as it is allowed to post anything here. Unstoppable seems enthusiastic, and let us allow him enjoy of it while it lasts. He'll transform into a cynical old grumpie like the rest of us soon enough.
  24. -There are rooms that respawn ammo during the match? I didn't notice and it sounds a bit unbalanced, as zombies are slow and vulnerable when you try to storm a bottlenecked room full of armed survivors. Usual tactic seem to expose zombies to fire so that the survivors lose ammunition without getting the zombie dead. The zombie retreats to regenerate, and the cycle is repeated until the survivors are out of ammo, which occurs pretty quick because there isn't much ammo around anyway.
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